Monday, March 03, 2008

6 months plus

The other morning I was watching Foxtel and a very strange message came up on the screen. If you click on the picture you will get a close up of what it says but essentially the wording is (with the title "for your information") "Test by me the handsome \ahimari works here nfbjdshfksjfhs" Do you think that maybe, just maybe this self proclaiming handsome person NO longer works there now?

Alex was definately amused. lol. Here he is in the sexy outfit that Katt bought him. The little pants have paw prints running down one side of the front - cute huh!

He has been doing well. We went for our 6 month check up (albeit 3 weeks late due to a appointment stuff up by the health care centre).

His stats are now:

Weight: 8.52kgs - 55th percentile
Length: 66 cm - 20th percentile
head circumference: 43cm - 20th percentile

So I guess that means he is a bit fat for his length? Least he doesn't have a big head!

He is still such a good boy, sleeping really well every night. He still doesn't have any teeth but by the waterfall of dribble a tooth is surely not very far away.

He is cheeky as! I love every single second of being his mum.

He has a million expressions. I call this one the "toothless old man" look - it is so cute. He gets excited that food is coming and he gums his lips in anticipation. It is also when he makes sounds that I like to imagine are "mum mum mum" sounds in the making.

My happy boy is just so incredible. How did I ever manage without him?

I have been okay except I am currently on day 3 of a migraine and it has been quite an effort caring for Alex on my own all day. I haven't been able to take anything for my migraine strong enough to do anything because then I would want to sleep and you can't do that with a baby needing your attention.

Mum in law is giving me lots of grief, demanding lots from both Hubbs and I, (with timeframes mind you). We are doing our best to manage her, and find some common ground to all the things she wants done. I can understand that she is very self focused at the moment but I find it bizarre that I am having to make her meals when I am hardly able to make my own meals. Certainly over the last 3 days I haven't been able to drive (with migraines I lose a lot of my vision) so she has had to make do (don't worry - they haven't starved or anything - they have heaps of food there).

Sorry this probably makes no sense at all - i really can't think at the moment and i am seeing even less (lucky I can touch type pretty well).

Hubbs has been very understanding of me not feeling well and has gotten home as soon as he possibly can to help out - even organising dinner for us both. So I guess my anger at him lately has abated a little with him actually taking some initiative and helping a little.

It hasn't stopped me caring for Alex. I have also prepared fresh steamed veggies for him and been playing with him heaps on the floor. He also got his first balloon (walking through the shopping centre) last week and he has had heaps of fun playing with that.

ok better go - I think I am making less and less sense as I continue typing.

take care all.

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At 9:21 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Bugsy, I hope day four will be better for you - re: headache. Sorry you are not feeling 100%. Alex is growing so fast! He seems more confident in the way he is sitting now. I smile when I hear about how motherhood is for you. I'm so looking forward to the experiences myself. Take care of yourself. Jobie

At 7:46 pm, Blogger Sitting in Silence said...

I so have to come to "M"...his growing up to a darling little man and I need some cuddles....

Hope you are feeling better with your migrain, it is so hard to look after children when you are in so much pain....



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