Monday, July 14, 2008

my little lumberjack

It's cold in Melbourne - blooming, bone numbing, about to snow any second cold (okay so i am exaggerating a little as it has never, to my knowledge, snowed here), but it is still cold.

So with much excitement we have started using the flannelette lumberjack shirts that Alex has. I love them. I love him wearing them. I think he looks like such a cute little man wearing his shirts. And as a bonus they keep him really warm.

He is growing so fast.

So very very fast.

Do you think he has too many toys? The other day he grabbed a good deal of his toys out of his toybox and distributed them over the floor. Can you see Alex? He is the one in the top middle. lol Lost amongst his toys.

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At 11:44 pm, Anonymous Rachel said...

Very cute! Alex looks like a little farmer!

At 11:37 am, Blogger Sitting in Silence said...

His standing uppppppppppp...

Way too cute !

At 2:00 pm, Blogger Katt said...

Heeees a lumberjack and he's ok. he works all night and he sleeps all day!!! lol solly.

he looks so cute in that outfit..but then..he looks cute all the makie cutie bubbies!!! makie more!! makie more!!! (and noooo me not makie more!!)


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