Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Let's be different

We're home from our little holiday at my sisters. It was lovely even though it rained every day, the toilet was on the brink most of the time and there was hardly any water for a shower. Oh and first Alex and then I got sick. Still it was nice.

My sister has a number of dogs. I have kinda lost count but I think there are six dogs that are their dogs, 1 that they were finding a home for and about 10 or so they were boarding at the time.

While we were there, only the two smallest dogs were allowed in the house as the others were just too big and I was worried about them being with Alex. As it was, I even watched him carefully around the two little ones.

The smallest pup is a 5 month old Cavalier king charles cross called "Smidge". Smidge was the runt of the litter and is sooo tiny. He is adorable though and both Alex and I fell in love with him. The feeling was mutual and Smidge never left Alex's side. He even scratched at our bedroom door to come in and sleep on the floor beside the cot. Unfortunately they wouldn't let us bring Smidge home with us, or he just might have come to stay! (Dan - you would LOVE Smidge)

Here are some pictures of Alex with "his" puppy:

But as I said - we both got sick. 3 days before we went to my sisters we went and played at a play centre. Alex had a ball there but we apparently left with more than we came with. The day before we went on holidays Alex had a fever and was crying all day.

We went to our friend Jobie's baby shower (which was awesome by the way), thinking that Alex just was teething. He got worse there and cried all day. I struggled to get food or even milk or water into him. He seemed to be okay that night so next morning we packed the car and left.

He cried all that day and hardly ate or drank - but we also noticed he started to develop blisters on his hands. I thought it was just part of teething - seeing as his hands are constantly in his mouth. I thought the constant wetness was just giving him a bit of a rash.

The next day he was slightly better and started eating and drinking more. We thought he was settling in better. Each day he got better and better.

But then I got the worse sore throat. Then aches, pains and hot/cold shivers. I thought i was getting a cold. Until I started getting blisters on my hands.

Alex and I both ended up getting blisters on our hands, feet and in our mouths. Dr Google suggested we had hand-foot-mouth disease. We fitted the profile exactly.

So off to the doctors we went - Confirmed diagnosis as suspected. The doc was amazed as apparently it is quite rare to see it, and she said it rarely occurs in adults. Go figure!

She assured me we would both be okay and that our dear friend Jobie would not be at risk (which I was worried about as she is 38 weeks pregnant).

Alex is almost over it now and I am still struggling through it (i seemed to cop it worse than Alex did).

Here is a picture of his hand when it had the blisters:

Back with another pic that i just have to share cause it is so cute.

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At 8:05 am, Blogger Mrs_Pants said...

My son also picked up this lurgy at this child care centre. The doctor also told me it is very rare in adults so I shouldn't worry. Low and behold a couple of days later I got it. I looked like I had the plague!


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