Saturday, May 31, 2008

Finally - an update on all things Bugsy Part 1

Well - where do I begin?

Let's start with Alex.

So much has changed with my little Man . 1 week after getting his third tooth, the 4th broke though and 3 and 4 have come down soooo quickly they are nearly as big as 1 and 2 already!

1 week ago today he decided to crawl ! (see video) Very tentative at first but he is getting faster by the day. The very next day he started pulling himself up on furniture. Yesterday he started taking steps around a table. Today he has figured out how to go to a sitting position to play with toys, then go back to crawling. Every day the changes are immense. How can he change so quickly on me?

He is now eating really well, including being able to pick up and eat slices of banana, rice cakes and sultanas. He loves his food. The only stuff we have found that doesn't seem to agree with him is tomatoes. After eating one of the heinz variety meals he was unsettled for a couple of hours and then threw up absolutely everywhere. It was a complete change in bedding and a bath for bubba! When i looked at the jar it had 54% tomatoes. It doesn't surprise me as Hubbs is allergic to tomatoes. It will just have to be something i will have to look out for in the future.

He totally surprised Hubbs this morning by getting one of his toys that has a string to pull the toy along with and pushing the toy back and pulling it forward with the string. 1 week ago he thought the string was just another great thing to chew on.

MIL - My mother in law is out of hospital after finishing her 6th ECT (Electroconvulsive therapy) session. Despite initially being a little hostile ("why wouldn't i drive where ever i wanted?" (ummm cause for the last three months you have been scared of the car?)) she is now happy, bubbly and almost back to herself. I say "almost" because we have seen some behaviour in her that does have us worried. Behaviour that started when she started getting sick. For example she is back to spending big. She bought herself 8 different sets of expensive perfume gift sets - eight! She then spent another $55 to buy me an Oscar de la renta gift set (price was still on it when she gave it to me (i told her to keep it for my birthday)). She bought Alex a new sleeping bag and a cute pair of socks. She came to the shop and wanted to buy bird cages (2 of them) and 2 different fish tanks and it took Hubbs and i ages to talk her out of it. In the end Hubbs gave her a small bowl with a fish in it at cost, just to make her happy. We went for a walk to the fish and chip shop and we passed a newsagency and she bought a magazine that had an envelope on it that may or may not contain money (like 1 in 40,000 contain money and the rest say "sorry, you can enter the second chance draw"). 20 mins later she pops out of our shop again for a minute and she has gone to buy a second magazine (still no money).

So we are still worried about her but hope she is on the road to recovery and the money spending settles down.

I think that will do for a bit of an update for the moment as i have a migraine today and my brain does not want to think any further (this post took me two days to write - i kept saving it as a draft and coming back to it).

Pictures of Alex (of course):
A very happy little boy sitting playing:

A close up of my little man dribbling in his high chair:

The picture of innocence : (haha as if).

Happy weekend to you all.

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At 8:00 pm, Anonymous Meg said...

Awwww, he has gotten so big! I cab't believe he is doin so much already!

(Watch your MIL, too, sounds like mania to me.)

At 1:23 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Bugsy! Alex is growing fast! What a fantastic crawler!
Hope things improve with your MIL soon!
Take care=)

At 6:35 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG... He is soooooo beautiful! Everytime I see a pic of him, I almost melt...

Sorry about how your doing so much alone. It must be so hard for you..
Glad MIL is improving... Maybe she needs to be put on a budget and only given what can be afforded to be spent... but you can't be doing all of this...

Hubby NEEDS to help more, even if he is working his ass off and you hardly see him.

Something has to change or you'll crack up...
Thinking of you..
Luv and hugs,

At 9:19 am, Blogger Sitting in Silence said...

Sis.....His hair is growing so's a really little spike now....

soon you will have the gel out....


At 8:14 am, Blogger Shawnee said...

It was the same way with MS, you blink and they have gotten so big. Some days I just want to cry that my baby has gotten so big. I can definitely relate.


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