Wednesday, April 15, 2009

igg1e pigg1e

Leeanne - I have been knitting - honest.

I have almost finished an Igg1e Pigg1e toy for my boy. All i have left is the blankie.

This is where i am up to at the moment:
Close up of the face:
Back to when he was "armless":
and before then he was just a faceless entity:
The body after i just finished knitting it:

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At 9:18 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi bugsy
I have been reading your blog for ages, and wanted to comment after what you said about the business not doing so well and you having difficulty finding a job.
You aren't alone.
My husband was made redundant a few weeks ago with no hint whatsoever that it was coming.
Anyway, I just wanted to make sure that you have contacted Centrelink to find out what you are entitled to. Parenting Payment Partnered would be applicable to you on top of any Family Tax Benefit that you may be already entitled to. Please contact them immediatedly by email via their website if you haven't already - the date of registration for any claim will be the date of contact so long as you get your paperwork in within 14 days.
Wishing you all the best.

At 5:45 pm, Blogger Leeanne said...

Hey Bugs,
Iggly Piggly is too cute. Gotta love the red on his head.
Life here is pretty busy and I barely get time to pick up needles.


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