Thursday, April 07, 2005

Arising from the darkness within

Sara - I didn't win something for my blog - shell ran a mini comp on her blog - a guessing game and I was the closest. Whoo hoo. Very excited - that really did boost my day. Something nice to come out of the crap.

I do want to thank each and every one of you for your comments and thoughts. It is so nice to know that when you have a really crappy day that you have friends to give you a boost or just to let you know that they are there.

I am feeling a lot better today. I am back at work and keeping busy.

Yesterday I decided to stay home. I had some stomach pain before I left for work, so when I found myself sitting on the loo, bawling my eyes out I thought "why the F am I doing this? Just make some excuse and stay home", So I called work and told them I wasn't feeling the best and was it okay if I worked from home today, which they very nicely said it was. Sometimes I love this company very very much. They are very flexible and understanding.

I kept myself occupied by watching tv whilst being dialed into work on the laptop. I actually did get a lot of work done.

Now about the TV. I decided to watch a movie. Here were my choices on Pay tv:

Skagerrak: An unusual tale of love and friendship stars Iben Hjejle as a party girl who agrees to become a surrogate mother for a wealthy family until tragedy sends her life into an unexpected direction.

Baby Juice Express: A cheeky swipe at the gangster genre where a wannabe crim finds himself in debt to a king pin bent on conceiving an heir by smuggling his sperm from jail to his wife on the outside.

Once upon a time in the Midlands : A soulful working-class drama about a woman forced to choose between two men; her doting, but dull, partner and the dashingly grubby crim who fathered her child

Why does everything have to have BABIES in it? I think of those three I would rather watch the first one though. The whole "dashingly grubby crim" description in the third choice just sounds too bizarre for my liking, and after seeing a bit of the second one, where the courier accidently spills the package he was delivering, and tops it up with his um.. own private collection, (despite the fact that he is the only black guy in the movie - gee nobody would work it out huh). She goes on, of course, to have a beautiful black baby, despite the little swimmers having travelled for hours, in differing temperatures etc. Oh and she gives birth still looking lovely and with her sunglasses perched on her head the whole time. Yeah Right! I really don't think this is really the movie for me.

I had a bit of a sad start to the day still. Everything set me off. My sister sent me a powerpoint slideshow of beautiful flowers and inspirational messages and where normally I would delete it without looking, yesterday I looked at it, read it carefully, and cried at every page.

Then I got a junk email with the title "a note from your mum" which had me shaking in tears. Terrific - now I am getting emails from beyond. Beat that Jon Edwards.

So here is my movie review:

I watched Skagerrak. OMG. So this girl gets approached by this bloke because he likes the look of her or something. He tells her he wants an heir and his son and daughter in law are unable to produce one, and he offers her all this money to carry the baby. So she agrees and he says "when is it a good time for you?" and she says "now will do". (I presume he was talking fertile time, and she was talking what times just suits her, you know, cause she has time now before she is due at the Pub or something).

So the husband comes in the room and says he has been trying to produce his cup full of stuff (of course they had the home baster all ready and everything), but he is having trouble. So she commands him to drop his pants, and she drops her undies and she spends 10 seconds playing with him and then she bends over, guides him behind her and wham the deed is done. Of course, a week later she is throwing up ( a sure sign of prenancy). The wife reveals that she has been trying for MONTHS to produce an heir. Yeah ttcing is so hard huh. I can't imagine how terrible it has been for her, you know, like after trying for MONTHS to get pregnant. (lady - I saw your hubby, and quite frankly, I think I know where the problems really lies - ugly weak bugger that he was)

Anyway, the newly pregnant lass's best friend dies tragically and her support network is gone and she goes a little loopy. She runs away and meets up with a real group of no-hopers who were working for her recently deceased best friend's boyfriend. Unfortunately he has passed away, but the guys, thinking she might have money they can scab, grab a bloke off the street to pretend he is the boyfriend, after they find out that she has never seen him (have I lost you so far?).

At 7 months gestation she suddenly decides she wants an abortion. She finds a doc who will do it and everything (of course he tells her that she has to lie and say she is only 6 months gestation (what? does this make it okay?)). She can't go through with it though as all the no-hoper blokes (who have turned out to be pretty descent blokes), start singing outside the window and she can't stop laughing. The doctor already nervous about what he is really doing, refuses to continue.

Just to completely spoil the movie, she goes on to give birth to a beautful black baby boy, proving once and for all that she must have been pregnant by someone else rather than the rich couple who hired her to carry the husbands baby. Of course, she marries the guy pretending to be the old boyfriend and everyone lives happily ever after. The end.

I can't believe I watched that crap.

I can't believe I wasted the time writing about it either.


Have a great day all.


At 7:40 pm, Blogger Lesley said...

Glad your feeling a bit better. Sometimes watching someone else's drama filled life on the screen makes us feel better about ours. Take care and hugs to you from me.


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