Friday, July 29, 2005

Friday (renamed to "DontMessWithMeDay")


Thank goodness is all I can say.

Firstly - some fabulous news. My very close friend in QLD had her baby this morning. Bugsy is an Auntie again!!!! I am so excited for her. She had a beautiful little boy with a mass of dark hair. So beautiful (Yes I already have a picture!). Once I get her permission I will post a small piccie here and tell you his fabbo name, but I will wait until I have her permission first. If you are reading this - love you chickie - Thanks for making me Auntie Bugsy. Huge Congratulations.

I have such a headache today. The Clomid is really affecting me at the moment. I am teary, grumpy, in fact, most of the dwarves are communing inside my head. I am really hot and am freaking everyone out by walking around without a jumper (This is Melbourne people - it is COLD here). Last night the doona was just too hot and I threw it off. Hubbs thought I had completely lost it. Last night I was so grumpy that he was cowering from me, and hesitant to say anything lest I attack him. There were a lot of "yes dear" comments in our house last night. eg. He said "can I have a piece of cake?" my response "What is wrong with your legs? Can't you go get it yourself? Do I have to do everything? What? You forgot where the fridge was???" then I stormed out , got his piece of cake, and one for myself and stormed back in "here you go, your majesty, your piece of cake. And look what you did. You made me get a piece for myself as well. Do you really think that is going to help me lose weight? If I hadn't had to get your piece for you because you were soooooo lazy, I never would have been tempted to get a piece for myself, but NOOOO you had to ask me to get it for you, so now I have to eat a piece myself. I hope you are happy mister".

C'mon Laugh - you have to laugh.

So now I have to just get through today and I can go home and do nothing (or everything depending on how I feel).

Have a great day peoples.

Just a reminder - Votes for the mini poll finish today (probably tonight when I get home and have time to stop the poll and get the results published). The first ever mini competition is still going however, so you have until Sunday night to put a guess in and win Mr. Spectacle man. hehe


At 4:13 pm, Blogger Drew said...

Bugsy - don't worry - I have days which I waaaaant to kill people too - like this week - PMT. Was tired and on the road late last night and I nearly ran this poor girl off the road (she was driving slow and was non-responsive to a green light).

Take care and hope the clomid works out and doesn't make you too sick.....personally I hate Clomid. :(

At 7:33 pm, Blogger Katt said...

Hey hun I get those days too. I blame in on the fact I am a Taurus!! ROFL..

Hope you have a lovely weekend hun.


At 7:41 pm, Blogger Panda said...

I get days like that too. I blame it on the fact that i'm a bitch!

Seriously, Clomid sucks, it messes so much with your body. I did have to laugh about your hubby forcing you to get a piece of cake for yourself. God he's just soooo unsupportive.

At 7:45 pm, Blogger Lesley said...

lol @ your moods. Your way too funny. I admit I can be like that( stressed and not too nice to be around). I have no Clomid to blame it on though, it is just me being me. I hope your feeling more relaxed, happier and your headache is gone. Enjoy the Friday night games on Big Brother. That will have you smiling ( I hope). Love and lots of hugs from me to you.


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