Wednesday, November 16, 2005

And off we go.

Here's something pretty to look at. It is a water iris that has been flowering continually for a couple of weeks now in my pond. Isn't it beautiful? As you can see it already has another flower just raring to go. OK So I am CD1 today. You know what that means? It means I start Ovulation Induction (OI). I will call my patient coordinator today and let her know and in the next 5 days she will organise the baseline internal ultrasound (Yuck) and blood tests. Then she will tell me when to start doing the injections. I am all prepared. The drugs are in the fridge, the needles are on hand. My sharps container has pride of place in the bathroom (why do they make them in a yellow color which does not go with my bathroom at all?).

It's a big week for me. I turn 35 on Saturday a mere 3 days away. I am not coping so well with this number. I will be "mid 30's". When did that happen? I look around - no babies. I never thought I would get to 35 and not have a child. 35 is that magic number where all the books say a woman's fertility drops off dramatically - Oh great! Just what I need - another plunge. I have asked everyone around me just to forget it, I really don't want to be reminded of it, let alone celebrate it.

Everything is gearing up for Maddison's treatment at the moment. The vet is in conference with several universities, as to the best way to treat her and whether we can afford to wait until mid-December when I am on leave for 3 weeks to be with her; the drugs had to be ordered in specially as there is not a lot of need for this in Victoria apparently.

I am flat out at work. I have next week off work, so, of course, I have to do next weeks work this week or I can't take leave. Great. I asked my boss who will be backfilling my position whilst I am on leave, and he said "nobody". Hope the servers don't go down! It annoys me that on one hand they say that my system is a critical system, yet in a global company of 1200 people, I am the only person who can do my job. That is just stupid.

And as they say on "Gardening Australia" : That's my lot for today.

"positive sayings will be back soon"


At 9:48 am, Blogger Cathy said...

Fingers, toes and everything else is crossed for you Bugsy.

Here's hoping.


At 10:36 am, Blogger Panda said...

Hope everythign goes well for your appointment with dildocam. I'm very excited for you Bugs.

As for turning 35...its like turning 30. A big deal for a few months, but then you're over it. I'm starting to freak out about the "looming" 4-0! Okay, so its 3 1/2 years away, but its coming! And please keep reminding yourself that your fertility does not do a sudden and dramatic nose-dive on Saturday!

At 4:02 pm, Blogger Ova Girl said...

Bugsy good luck with this cycle and may the gods and goddesses be smiling. And happy birthday for Saturday.

35 is a gorgeous age to be. here's to this year being THE year.


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