Saturday, November 12, 2005

The cursed family go on an outing.

Now you know when the cursed Bugsy family go on an outing that it is going to end in disaster, so I will give my warning now - please don't read if you are not prepared for the worst.

I thought things were beginning to look up - I won first prize in a raffle at work - a double pass to the last race of the spring racing carnival - The Sandown Classic Race day - which incidently is only about 10 mins drive from my house, so lovely and close.

Hubbs has never been to a horse race, and I have only been once - with my Mum on Caulfield open day when I was about 10, so we decided to go.

Our day started off nicely. We placed a few $5 bets on the first few races, and our horses came in comfortably last - every time! Then we had a small win on the the main race - a win of $26 - whoo hoo.

Then disaster struck.

During the races, we had had fun - we watched these magnificent horses, and discussed their gait like experts. We looked at the formguide - at their age, what the experts said about them and what their odds were. I was in total awe at how beatiful these animals were that were born just to run. And how they loved to run.

In the next race, right in front of us, there was a terrible fall. The rider fell off, and the horse raced off. A second later, the horse nudged another horse and that horse fell. The rider also fell off. Both riders stood up and were fine, but the second horse didn't fare so well.

Right in front of me this horse was shaking it's head in pain. It's right front leg broken below the knee, the bone protruding. It kept trying to walk on it and failing. It was heartbreaking to see.

The officials raced onto the track and grabbed the horse, a screen went up around it, whilst I grabbed hubbs and bawled my eyes out, screaming "they can fix it - surely they can fix it".

A truck I can only describe as a "meat wagon" backed up to the horse, and the vet came onto the track. Only minutes later, the back door of the truck closed and it drove slowly off. The screen came down and everyone left the track.

I was still crying so hard that I could do nothing else except snuggle in Hubb's arms. The young drunken kids around us laughed, called out things like "seeya dog food", and totally disrespected this poor creature that just lost it's life.

Hubbs and I left immediately, as did hundred's of other racegoers. I felt terrible for being there. I felt like I was agreeing with those narrowminded owners, that instead of giving this horse a chance of life, decided it was now worthless and ended it's life.

Now I don't know anything about horses. But surely, the leg could have been mended. Yes the horse would never race again - but this is a 3 year old! Surely it deserved that chance.

I won't be returning to a race course. I don't care whether these horses love to run. I don't care that they get great care if they are winners. I have now seen the other side of it. The side that says these magnificent proud creatures are nothing more than chattel. I look at them and I see the proud animals that they are. So many others look at them and see Dollar signs $$$$.

I told Hubbs it is because we are cursed. That if we stayed home it wouldn't have happened. I wonder how true that is.

We are off now to a wine tasting. I wouldn't go now, but it was planned ages ago, and we have invited friends to join us. Perhaps a night of boozing will help to erase the memory of that poor darling horse trying to stand.


At 2:15 am, Blogger PJ said...

How sad Bugsy. I have a huge soft spot for animals as well, it would've pained me to see that as well.

Sorry the day turned out that way. I hope the evening's wine tasting turned out better.

At 8:39 am, Blogger Burnt Karma said...

It's truly awful Bugsy,
unfortunately, from what I've been told, horses can't "lift" one leg and walk on the remaining three. They can't limp and ease the weight off one of their legs like a dog or cat can. So even if they put the horse on its side and mended the leg, the horse would have put its weight back on the break and it would never heal. It would probably become infected and lead to a more painful death.

It's a horrible aspect of horse racing that they keep hush-hush about. It's callous of those yobs to be so disrespectful as well. That's all you need after witnessing something so awful.

And you're also right - it is about money. Maybe there is a way to mend broken legs in horses, but it would be too expensive and labour intensive.

Certainly takes away from the "glamour" of the events.

At 9:44 am, Anonymous MrsHUGS said...

Oh Bugsy...

David is a horse lover and loves to watch the races, when he was a todler his dad used to take him all the time and they had great fun but even as a child he has seen this same thing happen and distressed him deeply, his dad took him from the track that day as well..
David was watching the races on Foxtel yesterday afternoon when it all happened, he then turnt the TV off as he couldnt bare to watch what he knew would happen...
I am affraid to say that there is nothing they can do for ahorse inthat state and that the best thing to do is to put it down, you would actually be surprises how often it does happen but you dont hear about it, but because you were there and it was such a big race day they public do get to see the other side of horse racing...
Think about Lee Freedmon when they wanted to do the ssame thing to his horse the other week but he asked them to just take the horse off the track so they could run tests to see how bad the damage was but in the end even he knew it was better to put the horse down and not let it suffer...

I am so sorry you had to witness that yesterday and I know it will stay in your mind forever as it did to David those many years ago because we are animal lovers...

I do hope your night was better...


At 1:01 pm, Blogger Lesley said...

It was just like when Mummified (sp) was put down a few weeks ago.
I am a horse lover and it is hard to see these horses being beeing hurt and then put down. I never go to horse races because I think it is cruel the way they hit the horses to make them go faster. If a horse truly wanted to run that fast it would and there would be no need for crops to be used.
I too hope the Wine tasting is a relaxed even.
Take care Bugsy.

At 9:05 am, Blogger Mony said...

Bugs, what a horrible ordeal. I am an animal lover & I do like going to the races too. I never bet but I like the social side. I have to say that your post has made me squirm. It's true that horses break down, I know they fall, they bleed, they suffer don't they? Why do we glorify horseracing? It's all about the money isn't it? If I ever saw a horse fall & break it's leg in front of me & then get put down & dragged off the course I would be forever scarred, like you. And then I see Makybe Diva and she is such a show pony, such personality, she almost talks to the crowd. She seems to love the attention. I am glad she is retired anyway, no chance of hurting herself. I am sorry you saw this & of course I am most sorry for the darling horse. You didn't curse it sweetie.

At 9:14 am, Blogger Ova Girl said...

That poor horse. I am so sorry Bugsy what a terrible terrible thing to happen. That would have freaked me right out. You're not cursed. It's was a terrible accident and I'm so sorry you were there to see it.

At 2:21 pm, Blogger Anita said...

How awful! I am sorry you had to be witness to a terrible terrible accident.

I also had no idea as to why they do put horses down with broken legs......not that it makes it any easier.

Do take care and no you are not cursed.


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