Tuesday, November 01, 2005

What a day!

OMG it has been so hot today. We have literally melted. To top it off it was Melbourne Cup day and Makybe Diva did it again - third time in a row - What a horse! She was hanging back the whole race, and in the last 300m she just flew! It didn't look like she even had to try very hard.

I think it is a little strange though - up until yesterday they were still deciding whether to let her race the Melbourne Cup. They complained about the track and demanded that it be watered to suit her. What the??? What about what all the other horses want? How can that be fair to do something like that to cater for one horse? Anyway, they watered the track and she raced and she won. Then they announced that it was her last race and they are retiring her now. Why would you retire a horse that has just made history and could possible do what no other horse has ever done - 4 Melbourne Cups in a row?

Pretty scary that it is more important for them to get the stud fees that let her race, which is what she obviously loves doing. I have a sneaky suspicion that she is not 100% and may have an injury or something that means her racing days are really over and she probably never should have raced today. Am I the only one that thinks this?

So we stayed home, sweltered in 31 degree celcius heat, and did what any insane people would. We baked biscuits, cooked up meat and veggies for the doggies, and did an Aussie BBQ. Yummo. Mum in law dropped in to see her new granddaughter, and she called her an elephant. She said she was so big we should have called her "Gigantor". Poor Sandy. When it cooled down a bit, we took the girls for a big walk. It was thorougly enjoyed by all.

Knitting update:
On my squares project I have so far knitted:
8 white blank squares
1 yellow sailboat
1 yellow apple
1 yellow star
1 yellow dolphin
2 green babyfeet
1 green paw
1 green cat
1 green dog
1 green sailboat
1 green star

I need to make still (for this project):
2 green babyfeet
9 white blank
1 yellow sailboat
1 green cat
1 green apple
1 green dolphin
1 green rooster
1 yellow paw
1 green pear

So I had better get cracking!

Reason #6 to be happy:
"Once you really start paying attention to the information your senses bring you, the world is full of possibility and variety. Not even two glasses of water taste exactly the same."


At 1:43 am, Blogger April said...

How did you learn to knit? I'd love to learn and am 'awed' by those of you who can.

At 2:32 pm, Blogger Kim said...

We won money on Makybe Diva!

With the ground, there were a few other trainers worried about it, mostly those with older horses. I believe Makybe is being retired to be used as breeding stock which is why they were extra cautious about letting her race.

Because of her age they were really worried that her bad leg would go and she'd need to be put down. Not a happy story for anyone - especially when they obviously have big plans for her yet to be conceived foals.

Anyway, I'm glad you survived the heat. It's damn obnoxious at the moment.

Happy knitting!


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