Sunday, November 06, 2005

Weekend Waffle

Is everyone having a good weekend? I hope so. Oh gosh I have so much to tell you. (hint: grab a cuppa now, and have your loo break, I am about to chew your ear off)

It was pretty hot here yesterday (around 30 degrees celcius), and I was a crazy crazy woman and made soup. Yes I know! When we went to Sky High for our anniversary dinner we had this really nice Cauliflower with seeded mustard soup. Hubbs really liked it but he wanted it to have a little more flavour. I studied it, and thought i could replicate it. So yesterday I had a go. Verdict : Hubbs said my version was beautiful. He said it was almost exactly the same as the one we had at Sky High, but it had the extra flavour. It was nice. So I was quite pleased with the result. He did say though that the other cauliflower soup I make is still his favorite. (let me know if anyone wants any recipes).

I also made garlic chicken kievs, creamy scalloped potato and veg. A nice dinner all round.

Sandy has been very naughty over the last few days. Neither dogs now have cushions in their kennels - Sandy has reduced both of their bedding materials to small pieces of fabric and foam. Grrrrrr. She has also dug a few nice holes and rearranged my plastic garden pot collection.

We have tried to nicely inform her what is acceptable behaviour and what isn't, but so far it hasn't worked very well. We also got her a Kong (a funny shaped rubber toy that you put dog food in and they spend hours trying to get the dog food out), which kept her busy for a while, and we have been walking her butt off (mine too!). Yesterday we walked so much that I ache all over today, but she came right home and got stuck into the bedding again.

I so hope she grows out of this bad puppy stage soon. At 18 months she really should start maturing soon (or is this just wishful thinking?). Hubbs said he knows now why she was at the shelter! Although we won't be letting her beat us, we will curb her naughtiness.

On Friday night we walked around to my sister's, and Sandy got to meet her two dogs (German Shepherd and a Shitzu maltese cross). The four dogs were okay together except the GS who decided he wanted to let Sandy know that he was top dog, and he kept growling at her and attempting to bite her. He was put on a lead, which curbed him, and Sandy kept running to me if she felt threatened.

Yesterday Hubbs went to visit his favorite aquarium. He has become friends with the owner, and the owner has told him that he wants to retire, and is looking for someone to take over the business. Hubbs really wants to do it, but I have reservations. So yesterday Hubbs tells him that I have reservations, as we want to have a baby, and he starts telling him about our problems conceiving. H (the aquarium owner) opens up and tells him their problems. They had 2 miscarriages, and had a son. When their son was in Kinder, the Kinder burnt down and their son tragically died. They adopted a boy (who now works in the aquarium and is such a doofas), and then they got pregnant again and had another son. Sometimes you just don't realise what other people go through to get their families do you? You see them, and their children, and you never know the struggles they had to get there. Sure made me think.

ok I think that is all the waffle I have for today.

Reason #9 to be happy: "Take a music bath once or twice a week for a few seasons, and you will find that it is to the soul what a water bath is to the body". Oliver Wendell Holmes


At 2:51 pm, Blogger Katt said...

What on earth is a "music bath"?

Would be interesting to see how your hubby would go running an Aquarium.

Ok give up the Cauli Soup recipe!! Harley loves Cauliflower..and mixing the two might be good.


At 5:23 pm, Blogger Cathy said...

The cauli & mustard soup sounds verrrrrrrrrrrry interesting. Could you please post it on your blog for everyone's enjoyment.

Sandy is such a naughty girl. Hopefully you have great patience because some GR's take a few years to settle down and grow out of the puppy phase.

Catch you later.



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