Wednesday, November 02, 2005

How did I begin knitting?

Thanks as always for your comments April. You asked how I learnt to knit? Well my Mum taught me when I was about 6 or 7, and I did scarves for years and years out of scrap. I remember my Mum asking me what the holes were when I dropped a stitch and I distinctly remember telling her they were Buttonholes! She used to say "Well that is very smart, doing buttonholes without a pattern". Of course, I don't know how many buttonholes you would really need on a scarf. hehe

Then in my teens I tried to knit a jumper and never got past the band - so I switched to small things and knitted quite a few toys. The japanese doll I knitted is pictured in my album on the right hand side bar. I also knitted a couple of teddy bears, another very lopsided bear and a scarecrow.

Then when I was older I worked full time and did University part time and there was no time left over for knitting so I didn't knit for many years.

When I met Hubbs, I so wanted to show him what a smart wife he was getting and I knitted him a jumper as my wedding present to him (picture in album). Since then I have realised that I actually can knit just about anything I want (which is a huge surprise to me), so I have knitted babythings, more scarves, and I am currently working on the squares and another jumper for hubbs. I am also eyeing off that elephant that Cathy knitted, but trying to tell myself to get the squares done first! hehe

If you lived close April, I would happily teach you to knit. I have taught a few people at my work over the last few years, and we often have knitting groups at lunchtime. I have been told I am a patient teacher (except with my sister, who doesn't listen, she just starts doing!). Books can show you, but perhaps you could look at your local craft store. I know Lincraft and Spotlight both have "learning to knit" sessions that might help. Ask your friends - you will be surprised to learn who knits, as it has become very popular of late. (for once in my life I am being trendy hehe).

Having said that, I am not very fast. It takes me two nights to do a square, which would probably take Katt and Cathy a couple of hours.


Another hot one on the way today - top of 32 degrees celcius (89.6 degrees fahrenheit). I am back to work today, so Sandy will be home for the first time without us. Hubbs is sleeping all day in preparation for nightshift tonight, so he won't hear her if she gets into mischief. Let's hope she doesn't. When I get home tonight, I will take them for a walk, then get the bins ready as it is bin night, then feed everyone, then perhaps feed myself and get to bed (cause it will be late by then). I hope to get at least one row of knitting done too.

Of course, they also said there might be thunderstorms and showers later too, so if that happens we might not get out for our walk, and I will do all the rest in the rain - lucky me.

I don't like the hot weather. I am almost happy to be back at work in the air conditioning (I said "almost").

Reason #7 to be happy: " Simple things in nature can produce enchanting beauty. If you cut an apple in half horizontally, there is a perfect star at it's centre".


At 1:32 pm, Blogger Cathy said...

I was a very early knitter as well.

My mum taught me to knit when I was 3yrs old. I used to forget to slip the stitch off the needle so that instead of having the same number of stitches at the end of the row I would have extra stitches.

Those were the days!!!!!!!!!

My mum can't knit much these days which is a shame as she was a beautiful knitter.


At 4:12 pm, Blogger Katt said...

I know I was under 10 when I was taught to knit by my mother. I cant remember how old though. I do remember as an early teen knitting my younger sister a jumper (that my mother then shrunk in the wash).

I have just really started teaching Harley to knit. She can do a whole row of just knitting by herself. She is looking forward to the school holidays where she can come to knitting group with me.

And I thought it was bloody hot down here!!!



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