Sunday, December 17, 2006

A little place in the country

I went and saw my sister's new place yesterday. I love it! It is just so peaceful. no cars flying by, no neighbours within sight, silence.

They have 2.5 acres surrounded by paddocks. From the road they have a paddock, and the driveway runs along the side of the paddock. Then you reach the house. Behind the house is a few dog runs and another paddock. On the Right hand side of the house is a great vegetable garden, two large water tanks fed by a bore, a chook run, a duck run and a few other fenced off areas that will ultimately be pulled down.

The previous owners left them 5 chooks, a rooster and three ducks, plus the cow that they bought off them.

The house itself is quite large. The kitchen and meals area is big and has obviously been renovated in the last few years, as has the bathroom, and there are 3 bedrooms and a huge laundry. Lots and lots of cupboard space. The lounge has a nice open fire, and there is an office area leading to the front door.

The driveway is lined with gum trees and in the tree outside the kitchen window I could see a Koala - just sitting there. Apparently there are 5 of them inhabiting the trees in the driveway - nice huh!

It's a long way though - 200kms, about 3 hours drive. I was exhausted when we got there. And the drive home seemed to take an eternity.

Next time I go, I hope to stay at least one night so I don't feel so exhausted with the driving.

It only makes me feel more like following them up there - to a quieter lifestyle, a happier, healthier life.

We also took up some things that they had dumped on our doorstep on Friday when they did the final load out of the house and discovered they couldn't fit these things in the car. When we unloaded them, they said "where is the rest of it?" - which surprised us because that was all that was there.

Sometime inbetween them leaving the items on our front doorstep (an enclosed area not visible from the street) Friday morning, and Friday night when I came home from work, someone had taken a liking to some of the items and decided they would be better in their house instead!

I feel a little violated. Someone came onto my property and stole things. The purposely came onto my property and took these items.

Fortunately it wasn't much - some shelving units from the shed, and some ladders - but that isn't the point.

On the embryo front, I did a hpt yesterday (8 days past collection, 5 days past transfer) and it was a very clear negative. That is good, because I did the test to make sure the trigger shot was out of my system. Now that I know that, I can be sure if I do see a positive in a week or so, then I will know that it is real rather than just leftover trigger shot.

Still not feeling very confident. Partly because of that dream I had, and partly because I feel perfectly normal - no sore bbs no nausea, no nothing. Just normal.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Take care all.


At 7:43 pm, Anonymous rachel said...

Just think Bugsy- in a week you could be expecting!!! A very exciting prospect! Take care:)

At 12:22 am, Blogger three minute palaver said...

I've still got all my fingers crossed for you.

At 4:43 am, Blogger Sanorah said...

That's exactly the type of place i'd love to be living, I grew up a country girl and i so miss it. Living in a Highrise in downtown Bangkok isn't my cupa tea.

Best of luck this week!


At 1:17 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hang in there Bugs, and feeling `normal' is good. I didn't have any symptoms whatsoever (except for menstrual cramps which lead me to believe I was getting AF) until I was at least 7 weeks.

Sending positive vibes to you. :)

At 2:16 pm, Blogger Katt said...

I have everything crossed (knitting and peeing is rather hard to do..But I am managing)...

I parents live out of town and oneday I would love to pack the girls up and move out there..Adam isnt too fond of the idea ;)


At 9:45 pm, Anonymous seepi said...

HI Bugsy,

wishing you all the best. I had no symptoms early on either. Sending you very very good vibes.

- could you send me an email - I'd like to send you something, but I dont' have your address.

cp work @ gmail. com (no gaps)


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