Saturday, July 26, 2008

Back at work

I started work full time this week. It's hard. Really really hard. I have to get Alex to daycare before 8am so i can get to work on time and getting everything organised for us all is a bit of a struggle.

But I am getting there. The first couple of days i cried all the way to work, if not for sheer exhaustion then definately for leaving my crying baby at daycare. Boy is that hard!

Alex is settling in well at daycare though, and truth be known, before the car is started, he has already stopped crying and has started playing. They love him and tell me all the time what a great little man he is. He is blossoming there.

But i have seen some things that upset me. Teddy blankie has changed from being something he likes to cuddle at bedtime to an object he has to have with him at all times. A real security blanket. It worries me that he needs it but I am trying to not get upset about it. At home he carries it around a little but soon forgets it.

He has been continually sick since his second day. he got a cold which became ear infections in both ears and an upper respiratory infection and has had to be on antibiotics for a week now. He is very slowly getting better.

One great thing is that they have a doctor visit the daycare centre every monday and you can get her to see your baby if you have anything you are concerned about or for immunisations etc. She is great with babies and children - they love her. She also bulk bills which is really good. So she is going to check him again this Monday to make sure he is on the improve. Poor little man.

He also finds it difficult in the mornings when he wants to continue sleeping and Mean Mummy picks him up, dresses and changes him and puts him in the car with his bottle. The look on his face shows how he just doesn't understand what is going on.

I found the first few days at work a bit of a challenge too - after all it has been a year since i looked at all this stuff and the cobwebs have definately built up. I am back at my old desk and all my stuff is still there, including pens etc. Bit freaky really. But Friday saw me thrown in the deep end with the girl who was doing my job calling in sick and not one but three major disasters occuring during the day that I had to immediately respond to. Something happened and I remembered things i had forgotten. I got them all fixed, in a timely manner and with appropriate notification. My new boss was really happy when I told him exactly what the issues were and how they should be fixed a full two hours before the professionals could diagnose it. I was so busy i never even had time to drink a glass of water, cup of coffee or even have lunch. And you know what? I loved every second of it.

I felt like my brain has been switched on! And bonus - at the end of the day i get to go pick up my amazing son and we play and laugh and cuddle.

I still count the hours to picking up Alex from the moment i get to work, but I enjoy being at work too. It sure helps.

Alex is gearing up for his first birthday. One of the things he decided to do the other morning was read up on what big kids are doing:

hehe what he did was put his hands through the bars and pull in all the books he could get out of the bookcase at the end of his bed. Cheeky bugger.

On the weekends we enjoy a leisurely breakfast where Alex adores his vegemite toast! Yummmm

Hope you are all doing well - take care all.

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At 11:44 am, Blogger Sitting in Silence said...

You are doing so well Sis....What a great idea having A Dr visit...more centres should do this...

Alex looks adorable...hope he feels better soon..

Love ya

At 12:46 pm, Anonymous Rachel said...

Glad things are going okay with you Bugsy! Alex looks happy in those pictures!

Take care,

At 4:08 pm, Blogger Lesley said...

I'm glad your getting into the swing of things at work.. It does help, getting out of the house and being able to focus yourself on something other than bubby... Though it is hard, I'm glad your getting through the initial leaving Alex at Day Care problem...
Take care,


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