Monday, August 04, 2008

sick, sick sick, so we went to the doctors quick quick quick

We are sick - again.

Alex has been on antibiotics for ear infections both ears, and he finished them on Thursday. Saturday he started with the runny nose, Sunday he started pulling his ears, and today it was back to the doctor and more antibiotics. Poor little man is sooo unhappy.

Hubbs has been sick with it for about a week now and today I got hit with it - as the day progressed i got sicker and sicker. Not fun

I just want him to be well enough to enjoy his birthday - which is fast approaching us. In fact, there is only 6 more sleeps (18 for Alex if you count his two day sleeps as well), until my little man turns 1.

1! Can you believe it?

Every Thursday we do our grocery shopping. Every week the lovely lady in the deli asks after Alex, cooing at how much he has grown and he smiles back at her, happy to have someone's attention. Last Thursday we went to do our shopping as usual, and it was too much for little man to cope with. He fell asleep on the job. While we were taking the picture, they were boarding up the local Starbucks while the staff stood nearby watching them , their boxes of personal items at their feet.

That's Alex in his trolley cover in the front seat of the trolley.

I think we are prepared for his birthday. After reviewing kiddy play centres, etc, we decided that the only babies who would be there are Alex, his buddy Jesse and new baby Thomas (more on that below) so we decided to go to the pub instead (ok family bistro attached to the pub, but "the pub" sounded better).

And now very very exciting news. Remember my friend Jobie? Well she had her baby boy last Monday. Please Meet Thomas James : (Happy 1 week old Thomas!).

That's yours truly getting a very lovely cuddle with the new arrival - ooooohhhhh he is soooo gorgeous, i seriously wanted to sneak him off the building and hurry home with him - but his Mum and Dad wanted to keep him for themselves instead (Mean huh!).
Alex looks positively gigantic compared to baby Thomas.
(That is Hubbs holding Alex).

I wanna another baby!.

I need Jobie to send me a picture of her and her hubby with baby Thomas - we need a family pic I think.

p.s. I very nearly drove over there yesterday for a cuddle. He is soooo cute. Isn't he cute?

Jobie was very nicely over a week overdue, so i actually had a chance to finish the surprise pressie i was making for her.

Here it is - A blankie very similar to Alex's one! Of course this one is better than his - Every colored square is patterned, and every corner is "baby feet" - every other patterned square is unique - no duplicates like Alex's one.

Here is a close up of some of the new patterns I added:

I also changed the way I sewed up the blankie. Alex's one you can't see the seams but at times the weight of itself makes the seams seem a bit weak. So instead, this one I experimented with making a feature of the seams and I loved how it ended up - it was so much stronger too.

I love that I can make something very special to give to a couple who I know will appreciate it. I do hope you love it Jobie, and that Thomas enjoys using it as well. That is one cute little man you have there! Well done girl.

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At 9:39 am, Anonymous rachel said...

Great job on the blanket Bugsy! Hope you feel better soon!


At 5:13 pm, Blogger Sitting in Silence said...

Poor Alex..I hope he and you are feeling better soon...

Love the photo's you all look great, so happy and beautiful...

Your blanket is amazing, what a wonderful job you have done. I love it....I have never seen anything like it....


At 11:34 am, Blogger muser said...

Wow. 1 already. Where does the time go? I hope you're feeling better soon.
In the meantime, how about a mememe? ;)

I tagged you.

At 1:23 pm, Blogger Lesley said...

It's been a horrible Winter this year.. So many people with the re-occuring flu going through the surgery... Different strains of it and really bad colds and viruses.

I'm trying not to work much as I don't want to be sick all the time.

I do hope that your all completely better as soon as possible and that you don't have anymore sickness this Winter..

Thank you for your sweet well wishes.. I'm very happy :-)
Hugs Lesley


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