Sunday, July 11, 2004

blog, blogger, blogging, blogged?

ok - so I have been blogging now (gosh is that the right term? I am so new to this) for a couple of weeks and I have been blogsurfing since and admiring other peoples blogs and wondering "how do they do that?". Today I did some blog knowledge reading and have added two things to my blog.

The first is some site stats - not exactly sure the output is what I really wanted, but it can be a Work in progress. The second is a section for links to my bloggy friends.

Hopefully this is the first of many blog design updates.

So today is Sunday. Where has the weekend gone? Yesterday hubby and I went to my work and cleaned the fish tank that resides on my desk. Hopefully this means I will no longer have comments such as "are there fish in here?" and "Do you know this needs cleaning?"

DUH - I thought they liked being in muck! Arrggghh.

Stupid people make stupid comments. Although I did find answering "are you volunteering to clean it?" often stopped the morons from returning to ask again.

Although I have to say, I work with a great bunch of people. Funny, but there are many there that I feel like are really part of my family and I find myself getting very defensive if someone says anything bad about them.

When some work friends recently started new relationships, I even found myself saying "Oh, my little girls are growing up". Hehe - Strange that I have adopted ladies that are only a few years younger than me.

Maybe things will change when we do have a baby. Notice the positive tone there- the use of "when" rather than "if". I am trying.

It also looks like I have finally Oed. Strangely enough, a lot of my friends on the Essential baby website are all Oing at the same time. This is the first time I have heard of online cycle synchronization. Weird.

Ohh now I have done something else new - a link to a website - hope it works!

Gee, a boring blog entry today, oh well.

Now I am off to do some very exciting vacuuming!


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