Friday, August 12, 2005

The bitch revisits (do -do -do -do do)

I was feeling so good yesterday then two things happened. I told the only really close friend I have at work about how I felt so much better now I am taking my meds. She knows about my miscarriages, and about all the pregnant people at work and how that affects me.

So later she came to me and said she has just been talking to a friend of hers who "only got married 9 months ago and I knew just from the way she spoke that she had news, and she did..." I stopped her right there. I said "Wait, If this story is going where I think it is going, then please don't continue. I just cannot cope with hearing more stories about fertile people just getting pregnant at the drop of a hat. I just couldn't cope".

She turned to me and said "you need more meds".

ARRGGHHHHHH What a horrible thing to say?

So I get home and I am in a really quiet mood. Hubbs knows something is up, but he isn't going to ask. About 10pm he turned to me and said "So what bun is stuck up your oven tonight?" . Apart from the fact he completely screwed up the insult, he mixed it with one about pregnancy!!!! I could not believe it.

I stood up, said "No there is no BUN in my OVEN, I MISCARRIED my BUN" and I went to bed to cry myself to sleep again.

Today I am once again washed out and I have the worst headache.

I have a weird day at work today. They are refitting the floor this afternoon, taking away our desks and replacing them with desks 30cm smaller (so they can fit more people on the floor) and so I have to spend the morning packing up my desk and I have to be out of the office by 12. Unfortunately I am supposed to be back in the office by 4pm for a meeting. So the boss says to have a 2-3 hour lunch and then come back for a coffee or something in the cafe before the meeting. If it wasn't for this stupid meeting I could just leave at 12 and go home. I would so prefer an afternoon off right now.

Anyway, enough of my whinging and bitching. Off to take some panadol and get ready for work.


At 9:02 am, Blogger Julie said...

Grrrrr! Some people really know how to say the wrong things, don't they. The friend at work needs slapped, but I'll let your hubby slide this once (since mine messes up sometimes too).
Sorry you're having a time of it. how aggravating! {{hugs}}

At 9:45 am, Blogger Mari said...

Bugs - I wouldn't call that person at work a friend at all, 'you need more meds'. Like this person is now a fertility specialist and KNOWS exactly what you need.

It just doesn't seem to be getting any easier for us does it?

I'm feeling your pain each step of the way.

At 9:48 am, Blogger Mama Mouse said...

Men can be complete jerks sometimes with the best of loving intentions! LOL

Not quite sure what his motivation might have been in this but he sure DID use the wrong words!

As for the lady at work ... consider the source ... you are feeling because something terrible happened to you. Don't let her petty remarks upset you! Some people are just ignorant.



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