Saturday, August 06, 2005

I'm Married to a Gummy Bear

He survived. I tell you, I was far more worried than he was. I was just completely sick in the stomach. It would have been far easier if it was me getting it done rather than him, and given the choice I would have.

We spoke to the specialist first and he was great. He agreed that there really was not much point in trying to save any of the teeth, the wisdom teeth had done too much damage. I felt a lot better having a second opinion.

So Hubbs went into the surgery and I sat in the waiting room, nervous as all heck and knitting to calm myself down. All I could think of was my friend in the US that died recently. I know it is different, but it still played on my mind.

Anyway, with only local anaesthetic, 30 minutes later hubbs wandered out, 7 teeth less, alive and well, albeit rather swollen. Also.... ahem..... $980 poorer. WOW. He has stitches that will dissolve on their own, and a follow up appointment in September.

I got him home and he felt good. He spent the whole night writting notes to me on a mini white board I brought home from work for him. And my previous weeks bear became a teddy bear. He kept saying "are you okay?" especially when we heard Tukka's song on the radio and I silently cried.

Later he managed to eat some mashed potato and gravy, followed by jelly. I think he is going to be okay.

Mini Competition - I haven't forgotten about this, although with my current state of depression, I didn't give it much though. I only had 2 entries! What is with that? Was the prize that horrible? Shell bet $6 and Katt bet $4. Does anyone else want to have a go before I declare the winner?


At 3:45 pm, Blogger Katt said...

If I hadnt had teeth removed myself to know the pain afterwards I would say that the cost would hurt more then the teeth coming out! OUCH!!



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