Friday, November 18, 2005

And off we ...... stop

I had my baseline ultrasound and blood tests this morning.

The lady doing the ultrasound said I had a beautiful uterus. She also said I was "ready to go" but I wasn't sure if she simply meant "get off my table and get dressed".

Then I had my blood tests - a little painful, but not too bad.

All was okay until I got my results.

I knew it wasn't the best news when the nurse called and said : "um, ..."

In typical Bugsy style I sat and waited for the bombshell.

She said "When you said you had your period, was it like a normal one?" and I said "well, Yes. I am on day 3 today and still have my period, cramps and all".

She said "It's just that your progestone level is 10.9 which I would expect to see after ovulation, not during your period"

Results are:

Oestrogen: 128 (normal)
Progesterone: 10.9 (abnormal - normal is < 5)
LH: 2.6 (normal)

So I am not allowed to start OI just yet. She wants me to have another blood test on Monday, and we will see if today's progesterone is just a one off.

How did I know this wasn't going to be simple.


At 4:56 pm, Blogger DeadBug said...



At 6:16 pm, Blogger Ova Girl said...

Sorry bugsy. That sucks. hang in there.

At 5:15 pm, Blogger Lesley said...

Ohhh... Iso hope it is just a one off and that your next tests are normal... Hang in there Bugsy.. It's gotta get better ... I will be thinking of you..
Hope your weekend was ok.
Hugs and take care ..

At 7:23 pm, Blogger Katt said...

Bugger! Fingers crossed that the next one is normal hun.

Oh and Happy birthday for yesterday. Pressie will be in the mail this week I hope.


At 9:24 pm, Blogger leonie said...

Happy birthday and shit about the blood test. Things have to get better soon. Katt has her fingers crossed so I will cross my toe's and we will all hope the next test is ok. Take care and never give up hope. OK. We are all wishing you well.

At 9:02 am, Blogger K|nneret said...

That sucks, Bugsy. I'm hoping it was just an aberation. *fingers crossed*


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