Monday, November 21, 2005

The very newest arrival....

It has been such a huge year for my friends and their new arrivals.

First was Kit - she had a beautiful boy called Nicholas - You should see this baby - he is adorable (p.s. Kit I need update photos! I am sure he has grown heaps).

Then Dan had her gorgeous baby boy Ty. His face smiles at me from my mobile almost daily. Seeing him keeps me going every day. Ty is the little boy I made George for. I just wish I had time to do something special for everyone.

Just when we thought it was boys boys boys, Jac and then Kylie (please excuse me if I got the order wrong) went and had the most adorable two girls you have ever seen. Jac's daughter Katie is so pretty with her very dark features and her mop of hair. Kylie's daughter Niamh is also the picture of perfection with her angelic face.

Loretta then went and had a boy! After 3 daughters a boy was a big surprise in that family I tell you.

Then yesterday came another baby. A baby boy to an avid commenter on my blog - Mrs Hugs.

Mr and Mrs Hugs welcomed into the world a baby boy, just a couple of weeks early. His name is Ruben and I cannot wait to see a picture of him. I was knitting him the squares for a blanket, but as i am only 2/3 of the way through - he won't be getting that just yet, but I do have another small project in production for him, that I should finish in the next day or so. If he had been born just 4.5 hours earlier he would have been born on my birthday - but the day after is just as good!

So I just wanted to say to each and every one of you - Thank you - Thank you for letting me know it is possible. Thank you for sharing a part of your pregnancies with me. Thank you for showing me your beautiful children - each so different but each so perfect, and very very special. Thank you for constantly believing that I too, one day will get there.

I love you all, very much. Thank you.

p.s. But it isn't over yet! Darling Net isn't far off producing the last arrival of the year. I cannot wait darls - you so deserve this joy.


At 8:34 pm, Anonymous thalia said...

What a lovely post. Thank you for sharing all that good news. And I'm sorry I'm a bit late to wish you a very happy birthday and to sympathise about crappy bloodwork. I hope that it's better when you go in again. What was the FSH or didn't they measure that?

At 11:05 pm, Blogger betty said...

I'm glad you share positive experiences with your friend's babies. It's a great hurdle to get over when you are struggling to make your own baby.


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