Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year, Sad Old Car

Happy New Year to all my wonderful friends. I hope 2006 is kind to you all.

2005 didn't end so well for me. We discovered that my car needs a new engine. Pretty amazing for an 8 year old, very well kept, just over 80,000 kms car don't you think? The alternative is to do some repairs which will give me 1-2 years more and get rid of it in the first year (if finances allow).

Here is my beautiful car:

The changes in the paint color are just shadows - it is very reflective paintwork and I only washed and polished it last week. The picture was taken in front of my house - My lawn is so dry and dead. It is such a shame.

The year also ended on a very hot note. It apparently got to 43 C here yesterday (109.4 F for my overseas friends). It was very very hot. At midday I went out and changed the birds water to cooler stuff as it was too hot for them to drink, and I sprinkled them with the hose and hosed down their cage - poor things.

It was quiet around here last night too. I stayed up till midnight (just) - and as the clock struck midnight hubbs and I kissed and I burst into tears - not sure why, then we stood outside looking for fireworks, of which there were few. 12:10 I came in and went to bed - despite it still being about 35C (95F) inside the house.

So what will this new year bring? I hope it isn't like the last. I cannot cope with it all if it is.

One more week and I am back at work. If we still only have one car, then it is going to be very tough. I am going to have to rearrange my work hours to suit Hubbs hours so I can drive him to work and then drive to my own. If it wasn't for doing another cycle of OI and having to drive to blood tests etc, I could manage to get to and from my work on the bus, but with having to run down to Clayton, I am going to have to have a car. Not a great way to start the new year off, I can tell you that.


At 11:29 am, Blogger Patty said...

Happy (belated)New Years. Good luck with the car. Hope you ahve a great 2006 ahead.
Patty and family

At 6:38 pm, Blogger Lesley said...

Bugsy, I hope and pray that we get our 2006 miracle. Wasn't it hot yesterday and last night! I am enjoying the change if weather, just not that happy about rain all day.. Oh well, we will sleep good tonight..
Take care and stay safe..
Hugs, Lesley

At 6:39 pm, Blogger Lesley said...


At 3:32 am, Anonymous thalia said...

Let's all hope that 2006 is a definite improvement on 2005!

At 6:27 am, Blogger Mama Mouse said...

Happy New Year ... May all your dreams come true this year!!


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