Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A Maddison update

Maddy is doing very well. Thank you all for your good wishes. Last night the vet said that since she has done so well, we can have her out in the room with us as long as she is calm. So she doesn't have to be caged all the time. Since her favorite place is sleeping under the dining room table, we have let her stay there as much as possible.

She is eating well, and not being excited much. Unfortunately she got excited last night when my sister turned up with her German Shepherd. I had to pick her up and rush her to the bathroom and sit and try to calm her down for ages. She seems okay today though.

She seems pretty happy huh:

In other news it appears that my boss was right that the writing is on the wall for my job.

The system I administer also has two developers. Both of those developers (one of them my closest friend at work), got made redundant on Monday. If they are gone, it surely won't be long before I go too. A six month redundancy where they give you 6 months notice, and in that time they try to find you a position in the company elsewhere, and if they don't - you get your payout. If you decide to leave of your own accord before then - you don't get a payout. It seems a pretty crappy system to me. I don't fancy knowing for 6 months that I am losing my job but not really being able to do anything about it by looking elsewhere because I would lose the payout.

Apparently they are not doing any more redundancies for the next 6 months, so I can only assume I will be in the second batch. So I believe I may have a year left at this place.

Let's hope I can really annoy them during that time and get pregnant and go on maternity leave.

Better news:
I ordered my new laptop for home yesterday! Hopefully it should arrive in the next week or so. I did it through work, so they pay the GST, and I got a 5% discount off Dell as well. I figured I had better hurry up and get one through work before they make me redundant and I lose the opportunity of getting it cheaper.


At 9:58 am, Blogger Patty said...

Bugsy, good luck with your job and hunting a new one.

Our daughter (ohplease) that lives in CO had her job phased out, as they call it. They didn't know where they could put her, she had been doing Medical Transcribing, for Children's Hospital in Denver. Mostly working at home and taking the tapes back into the hospital once or twice a week.

Right now she is able to draw unemployment check for I believe 20 weeks. Then she'll be able to draw out money she had paid into a retirement fund. She also worked it so she could use up her leave time first, other wise she would lose it, since they don't pay you for the leaves you had not used.

It looks like she will be working from home doing Medical Transcribing for a company in another state. So she's been pretty lucky in that respect.

Hang in there, something will show up in the field you are looking for. Hope all goes well with your doggie.

At 3:31 pm, Blogger Katt said...

I am glad she is going so well. I hope she continues to get better.

I hope you get pregnant and go on maternity leave too before they can give you the boot!! LOL



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