Saturday, December 10, 2005

Something very very exciting happened today

I have been itching to tell you about what was happening today, but I kept it in (just barely mind you).

Today I met for the very first time both baby Ty (who I knitted "George" for) and his beautiful Mum "D", who I met online years ago.

For years we have talked about meeting up, D and I. We have been so close for so long that we call each other "Sis". I certainly feel very close to her - just like she was really my sister.

D and Ty were even more beautiful in real life than pictures via email can describe. As much as I was nervous to meet them, as soon as I did, it felt like I had seen them only yesterday, it was that comfortable. I hope they felt just as at ease with me (I think they did). I even pretty much kept the tears in (I only really welled up a couple of times, but I held them in LOL)

Ty smiled at me for ages, and I tell you, it did my heart the world of good to see him and to hold him (Yes I got to hold him!).

This is a pic of D soothing Ty when he got a bit tired. He fell right to sleep in her arms. (It has been a big day for him. He flew down from Qld to Melbourne this morning and will be flying back tonight!). Aren't they both gorgeous!

And this is me holding Ty. I really wanted to show you the whole picture, as you can see how happy I am in it. I debated it for ages. But decided that I have remained fairly anonymous so far, so I couldn't show you my face (plus I couldn't risk scaring you all away!). Isn't he just the most beautiful baby you have ever seen? You have no idea how many people stopped just to comment on what a lovely baby he is.

I want one just like this. After holding him, I want one even more.

Thank you D and thank you Ty. You are all in my heart and I am proud to call you, hubby T and Ty's siblings, Chelsea and Dakoda, part of my family.

p.s. D's other children sadly couldn't come today, but I got some fantastic pictures of them. D and hubby T - you have the most amazing family.


At 7:49 am, Anonymous MrsHUGS said...

Oh Bugsy I am so glad you had a lovely day...


At 10:27 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right back at you Sis !!.
D x


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