Sunday, December 04, 2005

Happy 40th Birthday old man

Yep - Hubbs is 40 today! Whoo hooo. Who ever thought I would be married to such an old man? hehe

I can also reveal to you what I gave him. Hubbs got three things from me today. He got a silver 40 ingot (token) as a keepsake, an antique style metal sign with a picture of a fish on it and above the fish the words "Caution, Do not drink the water" and under the fish the words "fish crap in it!". He loved the sign.

Then I gave him the main present - a voucher to go swim with the sharks at Melbourne Aquarium.

He was shocked, but very happy. It is something he has been keen to do.

I think it is quite ironic really - my husband turns 40 and I feed him to the sharks. hehe.

In other news, things are going very well. We completed our 4 continual days of babydancing last night, without incident (for once). Hubbs then surprised me this morning after I told him we had done the 4 days, by telling me that we might continue the Babydancing for a few more days. So we will see. I am happy either way.

I have been knitting a bit yesterday. I am quite hormonal, and I feel quite nauseous all the time, so I spent a lot of time yesterday sitting on the couch knitting. We did go to Bunnings and I had trouble walking around it all. We had to stop in the cafe for a cup of tea before I could go on and finish it.

To do the project with the squares that I am on, I have to knit 17 blank squares. I am pleased to say I only have 3.5 blank squares left to do. I also have 9 feature squares left to do, so that is pretty good too. If I get into it I will be finished in no time at all. So far I have knitted 24 squares.

Reason #13 to be happy : "A pile of stones can become a garden with the right amount of care."


At 11:40 am, Anonymous MrsHUGS said...


That is one thing I would never do...
But with knowing your Hubby and his love of FISH, I am sure he wont want to get out of the water once he gets in there...
Hope he has fun...
Please pass on our birthday congrats...


At 9:52 am, Blogger Kim said...

I had a friend do that for her 18th. Her Mum video taped it and while hard to see it was pretty cool to watch. Twice a shark swam just over her head but she was too busy with her instructor to notice.

Your hubs is very lucky to have such an awesome wife.


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