Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Next blood test results

Next blood test results are in:

Oestrogen --- 674
Progesterone --- 6.4
LH ------ 19

She said it looks like I am beginning to surge, but she sounded surprised that I would be surging now. (I am cd14 so I am not overly surprised by that). She said she is a little worried that I am being overstimulated, so tomorrow morning (7am) I have a follicle tracking scan to see how they are going and another set of blood tests. She said if there are more than 3 either side that are dominant, they won't let me continue the cycle and it will be canceled. I hope it isn't. She said you run the risk of multiple pregnancy if that happens, which i think is quite ironic. I release one (probably sometimes two) eggs a cycle, yet the odds of them fertilising are low and generally they don't. So if I released multiple eggs, to me, I think I would still be lucky if any of them fertilised. The idea of being advised against babydancing just in case I got pregnant with more than two seems silly to me. I mean, just because there were say 8 eggs being released, it doesn't mean that all 8 are guaranteed to be fertilised.

So we will see what happens after my scan and blood test results tomorrow.


At 7:09 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know. They nearly cancelled one of mine, cos I had 3 good eggs, and one tiny one. They said more than 3 was too many. Luckily the little one stayed little. They still tried to talk me out of it though.
I"m with you. I want the best chance I can get, so I went ahead with it. I thought 4 eggs was like having 4 months chances all in one go.

At 8:06 am, Anonymous MrsHUGS said...

Hey there Bugsy...
I hope things go well this morning...
Thinking of you...



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