Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Ho Ho Hum

Morning all. Hope you all had a lovely Christmas.

Here in Australia the weather was hot (but not too hot here in Melbourne). It was a lovely 25degrees celcius.

Hubbs and I woke up and had breaky then exchanged pressies. We were both spoilt.

Then MIL and FIL came around whilst I baked a ham and roast beef, and we exchanged pressies.

Then all of us, including the baked ham and roast beef, went around to my sisters for lunch. It was weird - it was my sister C and I, our partners (my hubby, and her fiance) and both our inlaws.

Lunch was lovely with all the trimmings but I got pretty sick of being the peacemaker between my sister and her fiance. They fought all day and she cried all day. Both of them overreacted about everything and I had to calm them down and that wasn't how I wanted to spend Christmas day.

for example, He (the fiance) wouldn't let C do the roast veggies - he demanded to do them himself, then he didn't do many and C got upset and yelled at him. He walked off in a huff. I had to soothe it over by saying that we had heaps of food and everyone had two pieces of potato anyhow, so there is plenty to go round.

She ended up getting upset and I ended up dishing up everyone's meals and putting them on the table.

C was just finishing off a second batch of gravy as the fiance had only made a very small amount and there wasn't enough to go round, and He (the fiance) growled at her to come to the table as he wanted to make a toast before anyone could begin eating. He told her she had ruined christmas for everyone by delaying his toast. (ummm Yeah not how the rest of us saw it).

Then he did his toast. I tuned out after he went on and on and on, about all the people who couldn't be with us today like C's parents (they were my parents too you jerk!), and then he went on about his aunts and uncles etc who were all dead. I wanted to scream "What about my babies? you never mentioned them" but I shut up and tuned out and waited for him to just shut the hell up so I could eat my lunch which was quickly getting cold.

After lunch I washed and dried all the dishes - anything to be busy and get the day over with as soon as possible. The fiance got into another huff about something and went to bed. We sat around chatting until 5pm when he finally came out and we could have dessert. Grrrr.

My brother turned up for a bit. He hardly talked to me and then when he left he never even said goodbye to me - what is with that? I stood at the door and yelled "Yeah seeya S".

So I may be a bitter bitter person but I for one, am very glad Christmas is over with.

Bring on the new year.


At 1:27 pm, Blogger end_result said...

Oh hun, I am so sorry that Christmas didn't turn out the way you had hoped. Sometimes people can be so insensitive. Take care and the New Year is definitely yours!

At 4:04 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you need to do Xmas at your place next year. What did his parents think of the faince's display?? I think he needs to praqctice cooking for a larger group.
My Xmas was surprisingly civilised - probably cos most of my family was away, so the four of us who got together actually enjoyed ourselves without fights and tension.

At 5:08 pm, Blogger betty said...

I was expecting a xmas like yours but it turned out surprisingly well. Mum and grumpy grandad were actually kind to each other. Your sister's fiance sounds like hard work.


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