Saturday, January 14, 2006

in limbo mode

Hello my dear friends,

CD33 and still no sign of AF. Surely it has to arrive soon. Then I can get started on another OI cycle.

I am still sick. I have no voice (some would say that is a good thing) and I am coughing horribly. Breathing is an effort. My antibiotics finished 3 days ago. Yesterday I was in my annual performance review meeting with my boss and after watching me cough cough and cough, he said "please make a doctor's appointment for this afternoon and go home after this meeting". So I did. More antibiotics - stronger ones this time. The leaflet says it is mainly used for treating infections in HIV patients but "may have been given to you for another purpose" LOL.

Well, HIV is one thing I know I don't have. When you start doing fertility tests, every doctor performs a HIV test as a standard procedure. I must have done a dozen of them as "routine" tests, and all have been fine.

Some good news now :

My weight loss has continued. I lost 2kgs this week. This has stunned me because although I was pretty good and ate salads every day for lunch, I had cheesymite scrolls (bread rolls with vegemite and cheese in them) for breaky and I ate chocolate every day. So I am not complaining. So that is 6kg loss since before Christmas! Wow.

My performance review yesterday went well. After it ended my boss and I discussed my future as he is also under the impression that the system I manage will not have a long lifespan. The end result of our discussion is that he is planning on moving away from a lot of the technical work he does and more into pure management and he is going to get another "manager" that works for him to do more of his technical work. Which leaves a gap in what the other manager used to do - basically managing the support personnel and helpdesk amongst other things.

He is planning on moving me into that Manager's role, which would be a huge job but one that I would be very interested in doing. Nothing is official but if upper management are happy with the arrangement, then little ol bugsy may still have a job at this place in the future.


My car is still dead :( My nephew promised he would come by one day this week to look at fixing it but we never even heard from him. I am getting very frustrated about it all.

Maddison is doing well. Next Friday she goes in for her 4 week checkup. yay. The treatment is 4-6 weeks confinement so hopefully soon she will be allowed outside to play. Poor bubba is so very bored.

p.s. It is early in the morning and all I can hear outside is the deafening sound of a large flock of rosellas that have desended on the plum tree for a feast. Those birds are pretty but they sure are noisy. I might go out and see if they will hang around for a picture.


At 9:43 am, Blogger PortLairge said...

Come on AF. Hurry up! Congrats on the good performance review.


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