Tuesday, February 28, 2006

broooom brooom

I have been laying low for a while - just not feeling like interacting with anyone or posting, plus home life and work life are both so stressful at the moment that I am really not coping well. TTCing seems a breeze after these last couple of months.

Well Hubb's car is also totally out of action. It isn't really driveable, but can be driven from home to a car yard, but that will be all it does the rest of it's days. The transmission has gone on it - and that, combined with all the rest of the things that need doing to it, mean that repairs are up around the $3000 mark. And - that would be doing all that work and still having a tired sick motor. Replacing the motor as well brings the bill up to $5000, and since the car would fetch around $1000 trade in (if lucky), it really is not worth spending the money on it.

We are currently left with No car! The mechanics took pity on us and gave us the loan car - no charge. He told us to keep it until we get another car. Then last night he called and asked if we could bring it back - after realising that means we are left with no car at all, he told us he would sort something out with another car and not to worry.

Good news is that on the weekend we bought another car. I just pray it wasn't impulse buying that prompted us to buy this car, but I don't think it is. We have been looking at car yards for a while now, and I have been scouring the ads online daily. On Saturday morning I saw one that looked very good. So we went to look at that car and it is great. We test drove it and immediately bought it subject to an inspection. The mechanic checked it out yesterday and he said it is in top condition mechanically. Some minor scratches, etc, and he said the brakes need adjusting and it needs two rear tyres - all that the car yard promised to do before we pick it up. I should have it Wednesday or Thursday.

So what did we buy? We bought a 1999 Mitsubishi Magna Advance, in a pretty (but very hard to describe, so I won't try) blue color. It has full electrics, tinted windows (no cd player though - oh well). It has only done 67,000 kms which is really good. It has a perfect service history and has been well looked after. I have some photos from the car yard but the car doesn't look so nice in their photos so will wait until I get some of my own.

I saw it as a huge omen that the number plate starts with PRG - surely that stands for Pregnancy! It is big enough to be a family car too.

So now begins the search for a second car. Anyone seen a rainbow with a pot laying under it? Could sure do with some gold about now.

On the fertility front (need I mention that the poll is there - wow the results are amazing - if you haven't voted - go vote), I did another blood test yesterday and I am to continue the 100iu puregon and another b/t on Wednesday. I didn't get the levels but will ask on Wednesday. I am doing all the injections myself this time, as Hubbs never seems to be awake enough for me to trust him to jabb me, and they are, for some reason, amazingly easy this cycle. I think the rest of my life must be so much harder that this, which once seemed hard, is suddenly not as difficult as it used to be.

p.s. Anna - I so wanted to chat to you about your comment, but you never left an email address, or a blog (if you have one). Please feel free to email me any time you like. I so feel your pain. I hope you are okay.


At 12:44 pm, Blogger Kim said...

The car sounds really nice. Hope you get it soon.

At 2:27 pm, Blogger Mony said...

omg! Is that ever an OMEN! PRG??!! That's so cool! How could you not buy it!
I also feel a bit concerned for Anna...(from your comments) she needs to join our gang. If she does contact you again Bugs..tell her to talk to us. She can always find someone to turn to here.

At 9:20 pm, Blogger Katt said...

I am hoping the car is a great Omen and you and it get along fabulously!



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