Monday, February 20, 2006 sand through an hourglass...

I used to wonder why I was never very interested in the soapies on TV.

I have never really been one for Days of our lives, or Home and Away. They always seemed so very boring to me.

Weird families - Yawn
Bizarre things happening...
Another tragedy - Ho hum - seen it all before.

The only bizarre show I really like is Jerry Springer.

Then I realised (Yes I know I am rather slow on the uptake), that I don't like all those shows because my life is weirder. My fact is far more bizarre than their fiction.

The only reason I like Jerry Springer so much is because they seem the only people on the planet who are weirder than my family. There lives weirder than my life. Okay - so they are way way weirder, but I find it comforting. Hey, don't judge me - give me this huh!


So the pattern of my life continues.

Friday I sold my car - I was very sad to see it go. It was worth more to me to sell it now and do nothing to it than repair it and try to trade it in.


We went to say goodbye to the car (Yes I did cry).
It was also Tukka's due date (I love you little one - I wish more than anything in the world that you were here with us)
I got my period (emotional enough in itself)
I met baby Ruben (the only highlight of my day was seeing Ruben and the Hugs clan).
The rest of the day was spent crying uncontrollably.

Sunday I spent bent over in pain, oh and crying some more (cause obviously I didn't do enough of that the day before!).

Today was back at work. Also my Bosses first day back at work after the birth of his daughter. A large pink photo album sat at his desk, taunting me all day. People stopped constantly to Ooo and Ahhhhh while I put my headphones on and pretended I had music to listen to (itunes has stopped working for some stupid reason).

Now I have to spend my time scouring car yards looking for a new car - which sucks big time! I hate car shopping. Why can't someone just hand me a car and say "Here - this is the perfect one for you, and what do you know, it is in your price range too!" Stupid sad little me is even looking for a car that will fit a baby seat in it nicely - just perfect!

I hardly did any housework all weekend as I was in too much pain. The house is a mess. What bomb landed in my loungeroom and caused this?

It is crazy.

I rang Monash IVF today and booked in for this cycle. Tomorrow I go for my baseline ultrasound and blood tests. I also fork over the $815 for a cycle of Ovulation induction with IUI ! Yay. This baby thing better bear fruit before I am broke.

At this rate the only car i will be buying will be a matchbox one - which is all I can afford right now, and somehow I don't think it is going to get me to work and back (although it is only 7kms, so maybe if I pull the little car back far enough, it just might!).

So thinking about what to do tonight - should I go put some washing away or relax and do some knitting. hmmmm knitting sounds great.


At 9:51 pm, Blogger Tuppence said...

Hi sorry things arent going too well.... i dont know if u remember me im also doing oi at monash and when i went back this year they changed the rules where i go we HAVE to have an IUI with our OI and no matter how many cycles we have done before we had to start at 50 so now im upto day 21 of injecting and no response just a lot of small ones and a 10 + 11 but the price is still the same $450 i am expecting it to rise soon tho, but dont forget when you reach the medicare threshold you get 80% back i know that makes it a little easier on the purse hope you have some luck soon

At 10:40 pm, Blogger Thalia said...

Hoping that this next cycle is the charm. On and on it goes, like sand through an hourglass...

At 10:53 pm, Blogger Leeanne said...

Sorry to hear that your so sad at the moment. Big hugs from me to you.
Isnt it weird how we get attached to cars. I never understood what is was with cars and men but now that I said bye bye to my old car I know what it was.
If your looking for a family car I find a hatchback is great. They are small and easy to park but have lots of room for car seats, shopping, school bags and pets.
Hope you feel happier and healthier soon.


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