Thursday, February 02, 2006

Getting Trigger Happy

My day didn't start off very well. As I may have told you (I think), our ensuite shower is out of action as the tiles fell off the wall (doh). So we need to renovate the ensuite now. About a year ago we renovated our main bathroom, where maddy is currently staying. So until we can renovate the ensuite, we have to use the main shower.

Anyway, I was having a shower today and had the brilliant idea of moving the shower head slightly to position the shower better. Unfortunately I accidently dislodged it from it's cradle (it is one of those ones on a hose that you can pull off the wall to use where ever you like), and the blooming thing fell and hit the tile that is the soap dish\small shelf. It completely smashed it. OMG. I was so upset. Fixing it means chipping out that tile from the wall and retiling a new one in it's place. Damn it! Another expense we sure don't need.

Anyway, I headed off to Monash IVF for my follicle scan. She couldn't find my right ovary - it was hiding, so she did the left one and said she would come back to the right one later. My left ovary just has one dominant follicle - 17mm. It also had about 14 very tiny ones that would not eventuate to anything. So then she went back to my right ovary and she searched and searched. She got me to prop my hands under my back and arch a little, she put pressure on my side trying to reposition my right ovary so she could get a look. After about 20 mins she finally got a bit of a look at it - NO dominant eggs - just small ones.

She saw this as good - I am definately not over stimulated. But I was a little dissappointed. I was hoping for 2 dominant follicles just to give us a little more of a chance.

Blood tests went well too.

Yesterday Oestrogen was 697 - today is was 995 Yay

So trigger shot tomorrow, and babydancing Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday

Another blood test on Tuesday.


So lets hope all goes okay. Should I take it as a good sign that my Oestrogen is higher today (the day before triggering) than it was last cycle on the day that I triggered?

Now must go get some sleep - looks like I am not going to have a lot of sleep in the next 4 days LOL

Take care all.


At 1:16 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Luck Bugsy! Praying for you, and hubbs that things go well this time!

At 5:48 am, Blogger PortLairge said...

Good luck Bugsy. Your numbers look good.

At 6:38 am, Blogger Tara said...

I'm am wishing and hoping over here for you, Bugsy. You guys should Babydance tonight, too. Couldn't hurt. :) I don't know much about Oestrogen readings. I never knew mine but I would assume that the higher the better. I'm crossing my fingers for ya!

At 7:34 am, Blogger Em said...

Enjoy the weekend...!

At 3:33 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck! I have a fantastic weekend.


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