Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The update on all things

ok - So I took a day to work from home today to try to get a lot of things organised.

I started off by going to Monash IVF and getting my blood test done. Results were exactly as I anticipated - my Oestrogen level is rising quickly now - up from 382 two days ago to 697. That means I am heading towards the LH surge prior to Ovulation.

Last night I sat and graphed this cycle in comparison to my last OI cycle and they are very similar so I anticipated that this would be the outcome of today's test. It is good to feel at least a little bit in control.......

So tomorrow I go for an Ultrasound to check follicle sizes and maybe also a blood test, but they will determine that once they check the folly sizes.

Then I went to the chiropractor and my back\ribs\neck are far better than they have been for a while, so that was fantastic.

Then I went to get my lungs xrayed and then took the xrays to my GP who said that there is no indication of Cancer (Yay) and it just looks like the bronchial tubes are thickened slightly (inflamed). I am to continue on my puffers and see him again in two weeks.

Then it was to fill up the car with petrol (talk about spending money!!!!), and then home to rest. Very glad to be home.

Very hormonal today. Have cried a lot. Of course that has NOTHING to do with the fact I watched "A birth story" followed by "Multiples: sextuplets" and then some other baby related shows. Of course not - just a cooincidence.


At 2:06 pm, Blogger PortLairge said...

Of course it was just a coincidence!!
I love days like that when you can just bustle around on a weekday and take care of business. Glad all is well on the health front.

At 3:35 pm, Blogger Burnt Karma said...

Good stuff, this getting organised business. Especially when it's a week day and it's not eating into your weekend "me" time. :-)

Grow, follies, grow!

At 7:02 pm, Blogger Mony said...

Good news Bugs. I will keep checking on you.


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