Monday, February 13, 2006

Me? The biggest loser?

Another Monday. My work week started a little early with calls yesterday from a workmate who was getting calls from Hong Kong as a server was down there. We did everything possible, but there wasn't anything we could do from here. It was finally fixed by someone in Hong Kong walking into the server room and physically rebooting the box - works every time.

I rang the clinic today to find out when they wanted me back for a blood test. They said they don't want me back until the 21st Feb and that one will be a pregnancy test.

HA! As if I will be making that appointment. Since I am 9dpo today and I rarely make it past 11dpo, I am sure AF will be here before then and I will be calling to cancel that appointment and make a new one - for a new cycle with IUI.

I know I sound very negative. I wish I could be very positive, but every time I do think something positive (even if I don't voice it), another little voice follows it saying "Yeah right! AS IF!"

I have officially given up on my nephew ever returning to sort out my car. A week ago I called him and he promised to call me by Wednesday to tell me when he is returning. Well Wedsnesday came and went (of course) and I smsed him saying "Don't forget you promised to call me Wednesday - Aunty Bugsy", and he still hasn't called.

So tonight I rang up my old faithful car service centre and have arranged for them to pick up the car and see what they can do with it. It is getting ridiculous. Hubbs couldn't get to work tonight until I got home, so he was 45 mins late to work. Tomorrow night I have a meeting at 6pm, so if Hubbs needs the car I will just have to find my way home by public transport. Although Hubbs doesn't like the idea of me taking public transport home late at night. There is no choice though if he needs the car.

I watched the biggest loser show tonight - Australia's first episode. And I cried the whole way through it. Listening to their stories and seeing their weights just brought it home - Yep I am as big as one of those people in the show (ok the smallest one - but still!).

I am off to do some exercise (oh and eat chocolate). Don't know why I never lose weight.


At 8:40 pm, Blogger Leeanne said...

I am the same as you. I too am the same size as one of the lady's on that show. Smallest one. I'd love to loose 2 dress sizes and be able to fit into a size 14 comfortable. It is soo depressing and uncomfortable but healthy food is just soo tasteless and boring.
I found sewing with the sewing machine is a good way to not eat...

At 1:29 am, Blogger Kim said...

I'd like to watch that show, but that would mean actually tuning our tv which would result in me sitting on my arse even more than I do now. So let's not go there.

I really hope you get to keep that Feb 21st appointment. :)

At 6:55 am, Blogger Em said...

The 'yeah as if!' will turn into 'Yes!!!'.
In UK we have heaps of weight loss shows and I am already thinking of ways I can lose weight after baby is born. I have piled it on over the past year and then pregnancy on top but hey, it's all for a good cause. I am tall 9nearly six foot) but I am about 100kgs now.


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