Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The little squirt to get a little squirt

I went to do my IUI today. By myself. I asked Hubbs again if he could work something out so he could come with me but it just wasn't to be. He said he would have liked nothing more than to come with me, but if he was going to operate heavy machinery for 12 hours straight, he really needed sleep. I understand. I don't like it but I understand.

It wasn't pleasant but not the worse thing to happen to me. It was rather like a pap smear although it hurt a little more, then she inserted the tube with Hubb's washed sperm in a syringe, and said "Just a little squirt and it will be over". Seconds later it was just that.

They happily let me lay there for 20 mins, then I went home, put a dvd on and laid lazily on the couch. I have had a little bit of cramping but it isn't so bad. She said I might have a little bit of spotting.

hope everyone is doing well.

Q for you all - there was a comment left on my blog to a very old post today, but I am not sure what it says. If you can identify the language this is written in, can you let me know? I will try to find an online translator for it. If you can translate it that would be even better. Here is the post. Thanks.


At 12:34 am, Blogger Mrs. T said...

Good luck to you!

At 7:41 am, Blogger Lala said...

I say good luck too.

At 7:54 am, Blogger Ova Girl said...

Me too. Good luck Bugsy!

At 8:11 am, Anonymous thalia said...

Good to know that you've had the procedure, now it's just that horrible wait...

that comment looks like malayalam or some other south indian language to me.

At 8:44 am, Blogger Vee said...

Good Luck !

I hope your 2WW flies bye.

At 8:52 am, Blogger Cathy said...

Good luck Bugsy. Our fingers and toes are all crossed.


At 2:26 pm, Blogger Mony said...

There is always one of us in the 2ww. We share the hell around!
It's my turn to be in the cheer squad....and I'm cheering like mad for you.

At 4:08 pm, Blogger muser said...

Good luck Bugsy


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