Sunday, April 02, 2006

Happy sunday

I find lately my weekends are absolutely full of housework. I have an energy at the moment that I haven't had for quite some time. I have no idea why I do, but once I start something I have 5 things on the go at once.

Yesterday was another busy day. I had to be up at 7am to do my injection, and I made a coffee and realised I was using the last of the milk. Not wanting hubbs to have no milk for his coffee I went up the street for milk. While there I got supplies for other things.

I came home and by midday I had cooked 12kgs dog food, and a very large pot of the most delicious lamb, barley and vegetable soup with large chunks of lamb and nice fresh vegetables. I had also thoroughly cleaned the kitchen and the loungeroom, repotted a plant, watered all the plants and reorganised some cupboards.

All this enabled me to go with Hubbs out shopping. Yay. And look what I found:
Finally a shop in Melbourne that sells Patonyle! Yay. So - now - please I need an easy starters sock pattern. Help.

After shopping we dropped in on the newlyweds - my brother and my new sister in law. It was lovely to see them and they were wrapt that we cared enough to visit them (we don't have a close family).

When we came home, I packaged up the dog food in individual containers and then reorganised the freezer, and set about cooking dinner.

Hubbs went on his motorbike to a mates place. I am glad he went on his own. Every single time we go there K (his mates fiance) says "You pregnant yet?". Last night she told Hubbs that if we were ever to a point where we would consider surrogency that she would help us out. Very sweet, but she has no idea where our problems lie. To do that would be IVF and if we were going to try that, we would be doing it ourselves before we resorted to anything else. Anyhow, I am just glad I didn't have to be there and be confronted with her asking yet again. (p.s. She is 24 and has 3 boys who are absolute brats - all very easily conceived, of course).

Check out my sexy husband on his motorbike - hehe

While I was snapping pictures I thought I should finally snap one of the new car. So here she is:

On the fertility front - I have no idea what is going on. Friday was cd12 and I had another blood test (third this week). My levels have dropped when they should be rising. Perhaps I am not going to have a mature egg at all this cycle. I have another blood test on Monday and if my levels are still not rising, the nurse said they would increase my injection dosage and see if my body responds. I have hope that it will rise instead, and that we will be IUIing during the week. I hope so. I don't want to be doing all these injections for nothing!

Hope you have a lovely weekend. I am off to put the washing on the line, and hopefully sneak in some knitting. Hubbs has to work all day today :-( he left at 5:30am and won't be home until 7pm. On the plus side - I have the whole day to myself to do whatever I want. Yee Haa - and I can clean the bedroom properly because he isn't there - snoring away in bed. Double Yay!


At 11:44 am, Blogger Katt said...

Oooooh I do love that bike still!! And your car is gorgeous too!

That patonyle will knit up really nicely. I will go through my patterns and see what I can find for you. Someone else might have a better one sooner though.

Wanna come do my house work now? I got up early and went to a farmers marker to get some fresh veggies then made a simple Cauliflower soup for the girls for lunch. They love it.


At 4:00 pm, Blogger Betty said...

Oh bloody housework!! It sure does fill in a lovely weekend eh?
Hubby looks happy with his motorbike!

At 3:24 am, Blogger Thalia said...

Wow, I'm exhausted just hearing about your weekend. I hope you got a bit of relaxing in!

At 7:10 am, Blogger Em said...

When I move back to Melbourne I must meet you and learn how to knit!!

At 10:19 am, Blogger Lesley said...

Housework, the story of my life.
I hate a really messy house. I can only stand a few days of mess build up without doing anything about it, by that time I am becoming anxious & have to do it. Is it a Virgo trait?..
I really, really, really hope that your levels rise & you can go ahead with the I.U.I
Thinking of you,
Hugs, Lesley

At 1:55 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you had a nice weekend. And I really hope your levels get rising for you.

At 12:40 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

FYI I believe that comment on my blog is from my brother-in-law's girlfriend who is angry because I refered to her as annoying once. Pretty pathetic hey.


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