Friday, March 17, 2006

15 Kiss Thursday

Things have been quite stressful for us lately. On NYE my car died (as you know), and we struggled to find the money to replace it. Not two days after we bought a car, Hubb's car also died, and we have been pulling our hair out to find a way to finance a second car right now. But it isn't to be. Not just yet, so we are trying to live with one car and our different work hours - not fun!

This week we have been getting up at 5am so Hubbs can be at work by 6am (a 30 minute drive each way), then I come home, get ready for work and go to work, then when I finish at 5:30pm, I make the 45 minute trip from my work to pick Hubbs up again. It is 7:30pm by the time we get home and then we have to feed the animals, feed ourselves and do other normal stuff like put the bins out etc. It is so tiring.

Hubbs went and got his motorbike learners last week, so we are currently looking for a cheap bike that he can use to get to work until we can sort out some way of purchasing a second car.

So we have been doing silly things in our tired states to ease some of the stress we are currently feeling. Like last night. I told Hubbs it was "15 kiss thursday". I said that when he kissed me goodnight he had to give me 15 kisses or I wouldn't be able to sleep. He thought 15 was too many so every time we kissed he would say "that was worth 4 kisses" and I would say "No just one - you owe me 14 kisses" and he would laugh and say "no - you are over your quota - you are up to like 75 kisses now - no more kisses for you this week" and I would laugh and say "no way buddy - just for that I am upping my quota to 20 kisses a day, and you now owe me 19 more kisses". Then he would blow me a kiss and I would say "That doesn't count!" and he would kiss my hand I would say "That doesn't count either!". We were laughing so much (which was crazy in itself as we should have been winding down to try to grab some sleep). It was silly but funny and I have never felt closer to him than I did at that moment.

I just feel like if we can get through this rough patch with all the stress in our lives, we will be fine.

I am 10 dpo today and I think I am getting cramps.

p.s. I think we lucked out on our submission for the GCC. It is really stupid. We got told about it yesterday and told that we had a week to put a submission in. Today they said "hurry up - I know you have a week but spots are filling up fast and it is a first come, first served basis", so I wrote something up, quickly passed it around, no changes were made and I just submitted it. I bet we miss out. I wonder if I beg the committee - telling them that I need this to get a baby - do you think they will take sympathy on me?


At 8:58 pm, Blogger Lesley said...

So I guess my idea's were crap then.
Gla U & Hubb's are starting to relax a bit. This must be a hard two weeks for you, but I have been here cheering you on. 2 more days & you could get a + on your test.
I hope it happens for you.
Hugs, take care.

At 9:04 pm, Blogger Bugsy said...

No Lesley - your points were spot on and exactly echoed when I ended up hurridly writing. Thank you so much for trying to help me out. Given that we were supposed to have a week to put a submission in, and that got shortened to just about 24 hours I think we did pretty well.


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