Thursday, March 30, 2006

cold shivers

I hope everyone has been well. I have been so utterly busy that I haven't had time to scratch myself.

Because of the Commonwealth games here in Melbourne, they extended Daylight Savings for a week (absolutely crazy when you consider that the very first day of the extended Daylight savings week was also the day of the closing ceremony!)

I had the horrendous job of making sure all our systems coped with the change and did all the right things (ie, did nothing for an extra week before they changed their time). So I have been flat out with that. I even worked last Sunday for most of the day, and look to be doing the same this Sunday when the time actually does change.

I have done something though - I have knitted 1 bootie and have another in progress, so I am getting there. It feels good to have done some knitting at least.

Kmart have a sale on at the moment and I got some lovely pearl plastic knitting pins reduced to $1 a pair - bargain. So I splurged and bought 6 pairs plus 4 different types of cable needles also reduced to $1 each.

On another note (the note that titled this post), I got the worst kind of cold shivers tonight.

Coming home from work I followed an ambulance down my street. A little wary I watched it pull into a neighbour about 5 doors down's driveway - I don't know the man but an Asian man in his late 40's (I think) lives there - he pretty much keeps to himself.

Another man that I think is the next door neighbour was waiting out the front to greet the ambulance. I kept going towards home, hoping everything was okay.

I was only home 40 minutes when we went out again (we were taking 1 dog and 2 cats for their annual checkup at the Vets), and we noticed the ambulance was still there - not good news.

One the way back from the Vets, about 30 minutes later, we noticed the ambulance had gone but it had been replaced by a police divisional van.

Immediately I knew something bad was happening.

We were only home 20 minutes and we had to go out yet again (picking up a fish tank), and we noticed the police were still there.

One hour later, we were finally back on our way home. The police were still there, but what I saw in the driveway gave me the coldest shivers down my spine.

There was a large white van in the driveway. I didn't need to look at the writing on the side to know exactly what it was. It was the van they use to transport bodies to funeral homes. Sadly I have seen this van parked in my own driveway twice before. Sure enough, as I got closer I noticed "Bells funeral home" on the side. Shit!

All the lights are on at the house and the police were standing at the neighbours front door, chatting.

I think that might be a bad sign. Obviously someone has died under suspicious circumstances. As I think the man lives there on his own, I can only assume it is him.

Great neighbourhood huh! Since I have lived here (8.5 years), there has been a stabbing murder around the corner, an axe murder in the next street, and regular drug raids in the street behind us. Now this!

I want to move to a nice quiet country town. I want to go where it is safe. Is it safe anywhere?


At 10:09 pm, Blogger Katt said...

We have had the ambulance and a fire truck on our street once (on two seperate occasions mind you)..Police I few times (once was for VERY late night swearing going on at our next door neighbours..we didnt call them the other time was for the neighbours on the other side..though I dont think it was actually meant for them..They are so quiet and boring! lol).

You can move down here..MOST the times Tassie is quiet...As long as you dont bring any bad vibes from your street/area with you! lol ;)


At 10:56 pm, Blogger Cathy said...

The only time we have the ambulance in our street is when someone is sick (eg DH 2 weeks ago.)

The police and fire trucks come on occassion when the teens over the back light a bit of a fire or go a bit wild which isn't too bad.

Your welcome to come down our way Bugs then you can join our S'n'B group as well.


At 9:29 am, Blogger Lesley said...

Now that's getting scary!
I worry about my sister who lives in North Carlton. I understand your worries. Where is it safe to live? Mmmm, not sure anymore & that is scary too!
We are so close in our cycle.. I am wishing, praying & hoping that yours (I.U.I), as well as mine works. We need a break & how cool would that be!
Hope that your neighbourhood gets a little less scary,
Hugs, Lesley


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