Thursday, July 20, 2006

How do I add a wav file to my blog in a post?


Does anyone have any idea how I can add a wav file or a link to one on my blog?

I have a small recording of bub's heartbeat to share with you but can't work out how to do it.


At 6:33 am, Anonymous Catherine said...

I know I know!

I found your blog earlier this week when googling early fetal heart beat. I also have a home doppler and I'm due the day after you. I read your whole blog and just caught up today and saw your current post. I added a recording to my blog too.

You need to upload the wave file to the net. I'm not sure where. I know places only let you upload pic files. After you have uploaded the file add this html code to your post:

{EMBED ALIGN="CENTER" SRC="http://www.yourwavefileurl.wav" AUTOSTART="FALSE" VOLUME="50%" MASTERSOUND }{/EMBED}

I can't use real tags so change the { and }. Change the www.yourwavefileurl.wav to yours.


If you need any more help just ask.


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