Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The rhythm of life

I know when I mentioned that we had a doppler that many of you expressed concern over it's use, and the stress it may cause me if I couldn't find a heartbeat one day. It has happened - several times in fact. We have worked out that Bubs seems to be in good doppler range at night, any other time during the day and it is hit or miss where bubs is.

But every night, before I go to sleep, Hubbs puts the doppler on my stomach, and we listen in amazement at our baby's heartbeat. It is now registering well on the doppler screen and is usually around the 150-160 bpm range. Last night I felt so crap. But when I heard that heartbeat, I rested my hand on my stomach, said "Hi baby" and cried at the sheer joy of hearing this incredible sound. Hubbs and I locked eyes and he said "That's our baby" in wonder. I may have had a shocking evening with him, but at that moment , all my troubles were gone and we were unified once more.

I wanted to mention a few other things that are happening too. I am still incredibly tired - so overwhelmingly tired that by 2:30 in the afternoon, I have to go for a walk and let cold air blast on my face or I feel I am at serious risk of falling asleep at my desk. As Katt says "making eyebrows is hard work".

My blossoming bosom is soooo incredibly sore. I simply cannot walk around without a bra and have contemplated wearing one at night too. Every part of them is sore - so much so that when I blow my nose, I have to stick my elbows out to the side so they don't touch the sides. I can no longer fold my arms over my chest - It just hurts too much.

And I almost forgot to mention - on the weekend I discovered my aversion to chocolate has gone - no holding me back now. Caramello Koala - here I come.


At 2:09 am, Anonymous Kit said...

Hi Bugsy just wanted to let you know I am reading your blog all the time and making sure I don't miss a day of your incredible journey into motherhood :)
I am so happy to hear you are tired, a little hormonal & your breasts are sore LOL I sound so nasty don't I? It just brings it home that little bit more that in a few short months you will be holding your baby son or daughter.
Thinking of you

At 2:47 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Soo much fantastic news. I'm soo happy for you. :)


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