Thursday, July 06, 2006

So much caution

I went to the doctors. She was a little weird. I have known this GP for several years, and she has been with me through all the years of infertility, both the miscarriages, and all our efforts at conceiving.

Firstly she has given my an inhaler which she says is safe for pregnancy, for me to use, in lieu of antibiotics. She said if it gets worse I may have to have antibiotics, but to try this first - that was okay.

Then she asked me who knows about the pregnancy? She said that we probably shouldn't tell anyone until after 20 weeks! She said that something might happen. I asked her why she would think that. I mean she has seen the scan report, so what would make her think something might go wrong. Her answer :"ohhh probably nothing will go wrong, but after trying so long, you would want to be sure things were okay". Hmmmm Can't say I really like that answer though.

I left there not feeling as confident about this pregnancy as I have been, and for someone as anxious as I am, I hardly think that is a good thing.

So I am trying to tell myself that all these people are being cautious and trying to get us to be cautious too, and I should just focus on the fact that right now I have a baby inside me that is, for all I know, doing really well. I have to prove all these people wrong - I can do this. I can have a healthy baby. I can. And I will.


At 4:11 pm, Anonymous Jac said...

Hey Bugsy

Firstly a big congrats on feeling sick. ANd I heaar ya about the teeth brushing. I found that a REALLY REALLY minty toothpaste helped a little. And a huge Pox on your GP how dare she bring you down like that. You have had a fantastic scan and there is absoultely no reason at all to think things won't continue on as fantastically as they have been. You have every right to be positive and I want you to continue to do so. I know they are just cautious but you have seen your baby bugs inside of you and s/he was perfect so enjoy it. Big cuddles to you

Jac & Baby K

At 4:16 pm, Blogger Katt said...

I can understand this Dr being cautious...She has been through the highs and lows with you..

But you are going to prove her cautions wrong arent you hun!

Biggest hugs to you (though not toooo big). And keep up making those baby bits.. ;)


At 4:37 pm, Blogger Cathy said...

Hear, hear.

I agree with Katt.

Just look after yourself and prove the GP wrong. They don't "always" know everything.

You have a healthy bub inside of you and don't let anyone tell you anything different (even if she is a doctor).

Can you tell that I've been to Tafe today and part of our course was positive thinking?


At 9:59 pm, Blogger Vee said...

You can and you will ! Good on you and stay positive don't let anyone knock that out of you.

At 6:21 am, Anonymous Lucy said...

Yeah, don't let the doctor get you down. She was probably trying to be "helpful" in those oh-so-unhelpful ways that people who haven't been through what we've been through think will work. Just ignore her comments. You've got a healthy kiddo in there - enjoy it!


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