Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Please nobody mention food

Thanks guys. I will definately heed the warning on the use of the doppler. In fact I tell myself every day that if I don't hear it then it is probably either just hiding or has moved out of "range". I know I probably still will freak out when that day comes but I will try not to rely on the doppler as much as I have been and try to keep my head about it.

Thanks so much for the list that is beginning to emerge. I was going to go crazy buying 0000 but now I will just get a couple in that size and get more in the 000 range. I have a few second hand bonds suits that I bought off ebay, and op shops that I intend to just use at home (some look brand new). I will just buy a few new ones and a few nicer outfits (keeping in mind no buttons (great hint that)), for going out. Apparently my mother in law has already bought quite a bit so I might not have to really buy anything lol.

and thanks so much to all those who have recently dropping in and given their congratulations! It is so greatly received, and I sincerely hope some of my friends who are struggling at the moment, can get a break and have some wins in the future.

Last night the nausea hit me big time and I was dry retching a lot. I haven't actually thrown up, but it wouldn't take much, I assure you. I had so much trouble feeding the dogs and cats last night as I kept gagging at the smell of their food. All I could manage to eat myself was a cup of chicken noodle soup and that was a bit of a challenge. At least I still got my folate and pre-natal vitamins down.

This morning we tried hubbs bringing me some toast in bed before I got up and I was fine until I actually did get up and then I was back to gagging and dry retching. Cleaning my teeth was very very difficult.

I managed to go to work, and with the aid of barley sugars and water, I am keeping the gagging at bay. Not sure how I will go eating lunch but I am going to give it a go.

I am sorry this blog has become a blog all about pregnancy. I didn't intend for that to happen, I assure you. Hopefully I can get back to other happenings (like my knitting). I did start the other bootie last night, but I didn't get far before my cat Molly decided my lap was where she wanted to be and and sat on me with her paws up near my throat, growling mildly at me if I tried to move her lol - we know who is boss in our house! (Hint - it isn't me). So knitting was over with for the night.

Have you seen all the scandal going on in the BB house this year in Australia? I think next year, instead of 17-19 year old kids with raging hormones, they should put in a bunch of infertile women on fertility treatment, and husbands who have to BD on demand. That should stir up some controversary, don't you think? Only trouble would be that they probably wouldn't be allowed to show 90% of what they do on TV - all those injections, babydancing, doctors seeing everything etc. Not fit for TV they would say. Still - I think it would be fun - I would do it!


At 2:44 pm, Anonymous seepi said...

YES- there needs to be a bit more awareness about how hard IVF etc is. I'm not the one to do it though..I didn't even tell my family.
but I am very grateful to ladies like yourself who have put it all out there.
Sounds like you are doing great - I remember the teeth cleaning illness! It does get better though. I found sour jelly beans really good at work.

At 8:59 pm, Anonymous Leoni said...

Hi ya sweetpea,

Just checking in to see how my PG buddy is going. Having fun by the looks of things. Ah I hear you on the food front, I fed my cat the other night (normally DH does) and I felt sooooooooo sick. Man it stinks!!! I am still "off" a few food items but luckily no more gagging. Hmmmmmm as far as your 10 week blood test, its a new thing they've started (I had it done when PG with Annike but not Anya) they do a blood test 2 weeks prior to your NT scan and then they do the NT scan and combine the results to get your overall figure for risk factor. Aparently the blood test combined with the scan gives the NT test more accuracy. I also have a negative blood group so need the test anyway to check I have no antibodies in there, so another reason for me to have the BT at 10 weeks.

Re: What do you need, hmmmmmmm since Annike's birth and with hindsight I will probably buy 4 cotton all-in-one suits in size 0000, 4 cotton vests in 0000, a knitted hat, 2 flannel wraps and 4 very big wraps in muslin cloth from Pumpkin Patch. Since Annike was a summer baby (like this one is too) she lived in her cotton all-in-ones and muslin wrap. I just used to layer her bedding to keep the temps even.

Ok, that is all for now. You take care and will check on you again soon.
Your due in Feb buddy,

At 9:28 am, Blogger The Momma / MrsHUGS said...

aaawwww... Bugsy I so remember all that dry retching... so not good... Oh and brushing the teeth, days I was at home I would clean them at lunch time and before I went to bed as doing them in the moring was so bad... Give the gingernut biscuits a go, they worked for me... As for clothes it is a bit of a tough one because of our different weather but maybe a lady who had a baby this Feb just gone that lives where you do might have a better idea, we didnt buy much 0000 things but ended up having to go out and buy some more, nighties are great for the first few weeks at home because they are so tiny and trying to pull pants up little legs isnt easy, plus since this is your first baby and you have HEAPS of friends I wouldnt go overboard on clothes because you are bound to get heaps of stuff and some of it wont even get worn...
I am so excited for you...
Woo hoo...
Bugsy's going to have a baby...



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