Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I admit, I have an issue

My name is Bugsy and I have a problem.

I am addicted to listening to my baby's heartbeat. I listened to it yesterday morning, and again last night - it was heaven hearing it. I will definately have to tape it for bubs to listen to later on. What a fabulous idea - thanks Cathy.

I didn't listen to it this morning and I feel a little lost. I so wish I had stopped for 5 minutes before going to work to listen to that sweet rythmic melody.

Yesterday I called up Dr "I want to slap him", and spoke to his receptionist. I asked whether my scan results were there and whether he was still interested in being my doctor. I think she was a little shocked. I explained that I didn't get a very positive reaction from him last time, and that he upset me greatly by telling me what he did. She said that he is very honest and doesn't believe in giving anyone false hope if he isn't 150% sure the pregnancy looks like continuing. I said that whilst I understand that, I think there is quite a difference between giving someone false hope and telling them that they may miscarry and to call him when I start bleeding. I would have appreciated him perhaps saying instead that it may be too early for a scan to show anything much, That it is "inconclusive" and unfortunately only time will tell or something like that. But given my history I need a little extra care and sensitivity. Goddam it - I deserve extra care and sensitivity! (actually I think everyone deserves that - I deserve it no more than the next pregnant lady).

She said that she thinks it may have just been an emotional time for all, and he was probably just trying to "tell it like he sees it" or something. She said since my scan has gone well and I am doing well that I should give him another chance. To come back and see him again and decide after that.

She said I need a blood test at 10 weeks (not quite sure - but will ask why) and need to get booked into the hospital before they stop taking patients for that time period. So I am going to see him again next Monday (1 day shy of 10weeks), will get the blood test, will get booked into the hospital and give him his very last chance to impress me. If he does't do it this time, I will certainly be doing some doctor shopping, I can tell you.

I also booked in for a tour of the hospital, to see whether we really do like it or not (gosh I hope we do). That will be on the 16th.

I have knitted one bootie and it looks nice. Just have to get my bum into gear and knit the second one (or bubs will look really silly). (at this rate hubbs will never get his jumper). hard to do knitting when you are crawling into bed at 8:30pm weary to the bones.

Quick question for you all - what size romper suits should I buy for a newborn and how many do I need? (you have about 6.5 months to answer these questions lol). Which cloth nappies should I buy (I intend to use a mix of both cloth and disposable) ? I have seen fluffy towelling ones, I have seen thin ones, etc and I have no idea what to get or how many?

I think I need to start a list. If anyone thinks of something I desperately need for a newborn, please let me know and I will start the "must need" list. Thanks guys.

A guy at work was saying that his three year old is still in nappies - I looked shocked and said "omg they stay in nappies that long? That is a lot of nappies"

I think I have a lot to learn.


At 5:02 pm, Blogger Tara said...

Having a two month in the house, I have to say that you MUST have a large supply of burp cloths. Babies spit up so much more than you think they would.

I'll tell you what not to waste money on; a baby bathtub. It was needed for Gavin before his umbilical cord fell off since we couldn't get it wet. But that was only for two weeks. (If you have two sets of hands, you can easily sponge bath a baby without a tub.) At first we would bathe him in his tub and he hated it. Now I just take a bath and sit him on my lap. He loves bath time now.

Oh and you can never have enough receiving blankets.

Hope that wasn't too much info at once. It's just that all this stuff is very fresh in my mind since I'm going through it right now.

Have fun knitting!

At 5:30 pm, Blogger Tuppence said...

A Big congratulations first, now i think the blood test might be for down syndrome screening well part of the test the other part is a scan also it could be to see what your blood is doing maybe to check antibodies, rubella etc i know i had a few done at that stage but im also a negative blood group so they have to check that i dont have antibodies that could attack the baby if its a positive blood group

At 6:33 pm, Blogger Cathy said...

I would get about 6 size 000 growsuits (romper suits) as they are definately a very handy item.

The more the better especially if bub has reflux (not all bubs have reflux though).

Flanelette nappies are better as they can be used to line bunny rugs for wrapping bub, to put on bubs butt and also for little spills after feeding (a lot more universal than towelling).

Another thing you can't have enough of is baby bonnets and mittens.

Bonnets as babies lose most of their heat through their head and mittens as little nails are very sharp and scratch little faces quite easily.

Hopefully this is very helpful info.


At 9:14 pm, Blogger Em said...

All I can say is Bonds! Get the wondersuits. Get sizes 000 because newborn sizes are useless if you have a biggish baby. And the bonds wondersuits/cozy cuffs (bit more expensive) have the cuffs that you can roll over to make scratch mits.

I wasted so much money buying stuff and I wish I had waited till later because a lot of stuff is impractical (cutesy outfits for instance that have buttons on the back) for changing and burping etc.

My mum has sent over about four of the funky bonds striped suits and they look so cool and they are light so you can layer underneath with a singlet. I dress my bb in these mostly and when I return to Oz I will continue.

If I had my time again I would just buy Bonds. Don't bother with crap like little trousers and jeans etc. My baby has a lot of stuff she wore once and even never. I know outfits look cute but they are sooo impractical. And lots of muslins are great.

Re. the doppler - be careful because if one day you can't pick up the heartbeat because bubs is in an awkward position then you are going to freak. Sometimes it is hard to pick up a heartbeat because of the baby's position. I have a friend who got addicted to the doppler and freaked out whenever she couldn't find heartbeat and was up to the doctor's all the time. At first what she thought was the heartbeat was the woosh of the blood supply through the placenta. The doctor told her off for using the doppler. I KNOW it is reassuring and I made extra midwife appointments so I could hear her heartbeat but take it from me, you DON'T want to be any more anxious than we would be already during pregnancy. I really robbed myself of some pregnancy joy because of this.

At 12:20 am, Anonymous Felicity said...

Wow, Bugsy! I am just so happy for you! I havent checked your site for a while, (My 4 month old baby boy is VERY demanding!) The last time I read your blog you were so sad, and today I had time to sit and check in, and what do I find? You are pregnant! Its just wonderful news!

Bonds suits are great, Oscar was born 3.82 kg, about 7 pounds 4, and he wore 0000 for about a week, then 000 until 2 months, he is just over 4 months now, 8.3 kg and in size 0!

So in retrospect I should not have bought SO many size 000 cloths for him.

I do love to dress him up, though.. he never wears bonds suits out, always a nice dressy ensamble.

People have already stated.. bonds grow suits, socks, bonnets. I use stockings for underneath his little cloths .. girls navy stockings, the just stop drafts getting up the leg in these cold winter months. (Oscar was born 21st feb, so your babe will be just a little over a year younger than him.) I dont use mittens because he would never take a dummy, and has now started to suck his thumb. (And yes, he does scratch his face! I try to keep his nails short.)

Lots of bibs, small washers to carry in your bag, and wipes for EVERYTHING!

We have 5 year old Twins, and all the children bath together, we bought a great reclining baby seat, and Ned and Celia help bath oscar, while he sits with the biggest, most delighted smile on his face! he hated his baby bath, and as soon as I started to bath him with the Twins, he started to love bath time! (3 weeks old.)

Some other things Ive found invaluable? baby Bjorn carrier, as well as my Chickadee one from Ebay.
Baby Gym, and lots and lots of breast pads!

Look after yourself, So happy for you and your man!

Felicity. :)

At 12:55 am, Blogger K|nneret said...

Oh Bugsy!! I've been busy and forgot to check your site and look at your amazing news!!!!!!! Wooohooooo!!!! Congratulations!! I am delighted for you and your husband.

Things I loved when my son was a newborn ... a bouncy seat. A swing. washclothes. onesies, especially those that have fold-overs at the hands (to prevent scratching, their nails grow so fast!!),socks.

Get a couple of sleepers in newborn sizes but not too many - depends how big your baby is. And don't buy ANYTHING with buttons. Sure, they may be cute but they are a royal pain. A good diaper bag is also a must :)

Good luck and have fun :)

At 11:58 am, Blogger Panda said...

Wow, Spudly was 3.9kg and he's been in 0000 up until the last couple of weeks, and he's 3 months tomorrow. Oh, except in the Bonds wondersuits, he was a 000 in those.

I would definately get some 0000 because Spud was just swimming in his 000 and kept losing his feet and that would upset him.

Yes, babies go through A LOT of nappies. We use a box of 100 a fortnight.

Umm...wraps are good. Flannels and bibs also good. You can use socks as scratch mittens if necessary. Get a dummy, just in case.

At 2:50 pm, Anonymous seepi said...

I found little nighties to be great. much easier to put on than suits with legs, and easy to change the nappy too.
Lots and lots of flannel bunny rungs - you seriously can't have too many.
and cloth nappies to use as wipes and put over your shoulder.
And if you are going to use face washers as wipes for nappy changes you can not have too many - stock up when you see them cheap.

At 10:24 am, Blogger joh said...

hi congrats on your pregnancy.
for reviews on modern cloth nappies, theres www.nappycino.com.au or http://www.ozclothnappies.org/index.html


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