Saturday, July 08, 2006

Strange goings on in the Bugsy house

The brown gunky stuff has stopped. Thank goodness. Thank you for letting me know this is normal. It is scary all the same and I am glad it has stopped.

Today I have coughed so much I pulled muscles in my stomach and so I was worried about that. But so far so good.

Last night Hubbs scared the living daylights out of me. As Katt will know, cause I was talking to her on msn at the time. He went to play pool with the guys from work (as someone was leaving), and he went at 3pm. He promised me he would be back at 5:30pm (6pm at the latest). 7pm comes around and I start to really worry. I call his mobile and it is either switched off or the battery had died (which was the case). 7:30pm I find the number for the pool hall that I know he is at and call - they tell me that they don't have the facilities to find anyone in the noisy crowd. Great help they were.

I panicked. I thought the next person to come to the door would be a policeman telling me my husband was hurt or dead. Emotional as I am at the moment, it was something I really did not need. As I was preparing to get in the car and go look for him, he finally walked in the door (just after 8pm) saying "sorry, I just lost track of time" while I burst into tears angry and scared at the same time.

Today he has been fairly nice. He did clean the bath and shower (of course not to my standards, but at least he had a go). of course, instead of doing things around here he did go to my sisters place to rewire her fiance's motorbike and said he would only be a few hours, and walked in the door after 8pm AGAIN. Grrrrrr Then he asked if he could go with them for a bike ride later tonight. Whatever. I told him he was a grown man and could make his own choices.

Now it wouldn't be my blog if I didn't have another very strange problem to discuss.

Since becoming pregnant my cats have acted very strangely. Molly has become very cuddly and wants to be held a lot - a cat that is normally very aloof. Oscar has done this very strange thing where he comes over for a cuddle then suddenly he will bite me on my arm or leg, put his front paws over the limb, as well as his back paws so he is straddling the limb, and makes a weird yeowling sound. If I try to pull him off he just crys more.

I had no idea what was going on. I thought he had stuck his claw on my pants or sleeve, and was in pain. Yesterday he did it 4 times and Hubbs finally got to see him do it. Of course, he knew exactly what he was doing. My cat is humping me! Perhaps it is the hormones, we are not sure. Hubbs took him aside and had a little man to man chat. It must have helped because he hasn't done it today.

I have been minding my sister's cat during the day when their house is open for inspection. She has been flirting shamelessly with Oscar but Oscar just ignores her. My little boy really has some strange problems, don't you think? Has anyone else with male cats had this problem? He has been desexed, so I didn't expect him to do this.


At 7:54 am, Anonymous Lucie said...

Hi Bugsy, I can't explain why Oscar is humping you (!!) but I know that my dogs are really sooky with my when I am pregnant - they cuddle up to me as much as possible. They are usually affectionate, but they just go OTT then I'm preg! Animals definitely have a 6th sense about this kind of thing, and perhaps he is trying to be dominant? He might be worried about losing his Mummy?

So glad to hear the gunky stuff has stopped - I had it with my little man when I was 8.5 weeks too. It went away, but worried my like crazy.

Take care of yourself!

At 10:33 am, Blogger Panda said...

Our desexed male Basil likes to hump fluffy things, preferably jumpers. Usually its a reaction to changes in the household, so if you've had a strange cat in the house its not surprising this has sent Oscar a bit doolally.

Bad Husband, btw. Bad bad Husband.


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