Thursday, July 20, 2006


I got my information pack from the hospital today. I am definitely booked in - whoo hoo.

It contains a lot of information - courses I can do, things I need to know etc. It tells me not to come to the hospital unless "I am in labour". Great advice - cause I was just going to rock up when I was hungry and see if they had any sandwiches.


On another topic I have been thinking a lot lately about something and I really want to set something straight. Despite what some of my posts may indicate, my husband is not abusive. I wish you all to remember that what I write is my opinion of every situation. I am not saying I am wrong, or that I am lying, but My interpretation may not be everyones. Writing my interpretation on my blog is my way of releasing my frustrations about the situation. A vent, nothing more.

I am a very sensitive person and to me, anyone who slightly raises their voice is "yelling" at me. Hubbs is definitely not abusive, and others who have seen his behaviour first hand (which I have to admit is rare) have said he can be very grumpy.

I have actually asked people what they think of his behaviour when they have witnessed it first hand and everyone has said that I am just too sensitive - that he is just being grumpy, and although he raises his voice, he isn't yelling. Sometimes they wish they could smack him for what he says or does, but never once do they fear for their or my safety.

He has never laid one finger on me in anger. He has never ever said one derogatory or nasty thing about me. Even when I have baited him, he has never stooped that low.

He isn't perfect and yes he is definitely unpredictable, but he really is just a grumpy old man, nothing more.

I love him more than life itself. Before he came along, I never thought I would love anyone again. I truly thought that I would never have love in my life. But then he came into my life, and he loved me, and I discovered I loved him so much that I could not imagine life without him. He is good to me. We are good to each other. He gave me confidence again, self esteem, he made me feel good about myself.

Hubbs and I can talk forever. We have the same morals, the same beliefs, and we totally understand each other.

We finish each other's sentences, we know exactly what we are both thinking. We love spending time with each other. We walk hand in hand everywhere, and we care about each other. We are part of each other.

None of this really explains our relationship in enough detail. I was really just scared that people where getting the impression that he was a ticking timebomb just waiting to go off. I know you care. I know you worry about me. But seriously - he is not abusive or even on the verge of being abusive.

I wish you all could know him, really know him the way I do. He is such a sweetie. He loves me without limits and isn't afraid to show it. yes I wish he didn't get so grumpy. I wish he always behaved the way I wanted him or expected him to do, but I wonder, would I love him the same if he did?

I hope you understand.


At 4:27 pm, Blogger Vee said...

I understand I never thought other wise.

You two seem like a beautiful couple.
All the best to you.


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