Sunday, October 22, 2006

Anniversary wind up

What a day our anniversary ended up being! At 3pm my sister called to say that 2 of her 3 dogs were missing. Her fiance had returned home to find the gate wide open, and one of the german shepherds sitting patiently at home, while the other one was missing and her shitzu\maltese was also missing.

He scoured the streets for a couple of hours, and when going along a street near our home looked in his rear vision mirror to see the shep bounding along after the car - it seems Kye found him!

I came home from work, expecting to have to be out looking for the remaining dog Rollie, instead of spending time with Hubbs, but as I pulled into my drive way my mobile rang to say Rollie had been found.

For the last 4 hours he had been in the local primary school, sitting in the class room with the kids. The teacher had called the rspca, and let them know she had him, and had said that she would hang onto him for the weekend in the hope the owner was found. As my sister had called the rspca earlier, they were able to reunite them with Rollie.

What an adventure they must have had!

So I got home, emotional that the pups had been found (they are like my babies too), and I gave Hubbs an anniversary card and a small pressie. Hubbs gave me a lovely card in return (I had made him promise previously not to give me a pressie as I got the embroidery machine).

We got take away chinese and sat home together. We watched a movie, cuddling on the couch.

It wasn't what I expected the day to be, but it was still a nice day.

Yesterday we went back to the doctors and he is happy that the infection is starting to go (one foot is still swollen, red and hot), but he still can't go to work or do anything. He has to do nothing but sit with that leg elevated for a bit longer. I don't care - I would rather that than him lose his leg or something.

I will be back with the poll results soon.


At 11:09 pm, Blogger Cathy said...

Glad to hear that Hubs foot is starting to improve.

The main thing on your anniversary night is that you were together.



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