Friday, September 29, 2006

a day to relax

I took a mental health day yesterday and it was the best thing I could have done - I feel so much better today. Yesterday I just felt like I was low and just could not pick myself up. Hubbs was home with me all day and he kept asking how I was and if there was anything he could do to make me feel better. I was happy when he had to go out to get something. I was just so down.

I had visits during the day from my sister's fiance who dropped off a trailer he was giving us, and later my sister and her fiance, three dogs and a cat turned up while their place was being shown to someone. Fingers crossed that these people put in a bid today as this is the 4th time they have seen the house, and they got an inspection done on it yesterday as well, which didn't show up any gotchas. We can all only hope.

I tried calling the specialist regarding my MIA period and he is out of the country this week, so I can't get in contact with him until next week. The nurse was lovely and asked if she could help. I explained everything and she told me I should not leave it and to call him again next week. I thought about contacting the GP but I just didn't have the energy to pursue it any further right then.

I did pop out last night for about an hour to kmart and came back with a panda adorable knits pattern book that I have been thinking about getting for some time. I think Katt - the top you knitted for next door may have come from that - I recognised one of the patterns. - looks gorgeous and just like the one you made!

So back at work - it's Friday - yay. May the day fly so I can go home to my sanctuary again.

Em - would love to meet up for coffee sometime - let me know when and where and I will be there (weekends at the moment are best for me due to work). Happy to wait until you are fully settled in, so take whatever time you need.

Dishcloth swap people - how are your dishcloth's going? I keep waiting for word that mine have reached their destination overseas - tomorrow it will have been a week since they were sent so I am hoping they arrive next week sometime.


At 8:07 am, Blogger Em said...

Hi Bugsy. I will email you with some dates. We are getting a car soon so until then, I have to borrow my mum's.

At 2:26 am, Blogger Procrastiknitter said...

I finally finished my dishcloth today. I'll be sending mine to a friend of yours in Austrailia sometime tomorrow! Glad to hear that things are uneventful, because whether we know it or not, those really are the best days sometimes! LOL


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