Thursday, September 14, 2006

MIA, Moving and Friends

Tomorrow will be 7 weeks since the D&C. About a week ago I had some spotting. It stopped the same day. Next day I had another spot. It stopped too. Not heavy not anything much. Mostly when I wiped but a drop or two on the pad. This pattern continued for about 5 days then it stopped altogether. There has been nothing since. So what was that? Do I consider that my period? Doc said to call him if my period didn't arrive. I don't know whether to leave it a bit longer or not. I got the feeling that was all I was going to get this time. If we had "been intimate" with each other (well since April), I would be wondering if we had fallen pregnant again, but since I am not big on religion, I don't suppose i will likely get an immaculate conception.

Looks like my sister will be moving in two weeks. I say "looks like" because the lady who supposedly purchased her house is having trouble getting finance. With only 2 weeks until settlement you would think this would all have been worked out by now. My sister is stressed to the max that it will all fall through. I am hopeful it will all be sorted out soon.

Today I asked for a weeks holiday from work to help her finish her packing and clean her old house. Kinda looking forward to that week off, even if I am going to work hard during it. I need a break so much. I feel so washed out.

In good news - I am getting a haircut tonight which I am so looking forward to - my fringe is so long I have curls! It is driving me crazy, so bring on the haircut. Also in only just over a month I will be seeing Mr ad Mrs Hugs and little Ruben. I can't wait. I think about it every day! I so wish you guys lived closer. I really have no good friends that live in Melbourne. I have some okay friends but I am never really big on their priority list - all their other friends seem to come first. Whilst my Net friends are my lifeline, it would be nice to have someone I could just visit for a cuppa or a shoulder if I needed it. I need to get out more huh.

Catch you all soon.


At 12:37 pm, Anonymous Lucie said...

Hi Bugsy, I probably wouldn't count the spotting as a period, and if your doc said to go back and see him if AF is a no show, then I would think about doing that.

I hope your sister's buyer's finance is sorted, house buying and selling is HARD WORK!! Enjoy the week off with your sister and the haircut!

Take care

At 6:33 am, Blogger Summer said...

I don't think spotting counts as a period either. 7 weeks is a long time. I think it's time to see the doctor.

At 9:55 pm, Blogger Net said...

Hi Bugsy,
Go see the Dr, that was not AF. Dont wait like I foolishly did for 88 days....I am sure you remember how insane I was.

I am so sad that your sister is going to be moving away from you, better make sure you have a good long distance plan with your home phone and make sure you have a decent MB download.

I too wish you lived around the corner (maybe even in the same State...) If I were closer, my shoulder would be yours, but as I am only here, my ears and fingers are yours.

Love and Hugs always,


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