Monday, September 11, 2006

insensitive comment - the final word

Thank you to those who commented about Joh. For those of you who know who she is, thank you too for your comments. I don't mind that you posted your comment anonymously - I understand.

She may have not meant to upset me but she really did. I hope if she reads this, that she realises that she must get all her information straight before she speaks. Was she advertising her own website? Because that is what it looked like.

Having just tragically lost our baby, the very last thing I needed to see is someone congratulating me on my pregnancy (yeah the one that just ended) and then giving what looked like a plug for her own website. Um yeah, will be visiting that soon. Might need all the cloth nappies to mop up the tears you made me cry.

Joh - if you are reading this. I hold no grudge against you - just please what ever you do, read everything before you comment on someone's blog and perhaps you might be able to support them instead of making them cry.

I won't be saying any more on this. It is time to let it rest.

Thank you.


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