Monday, September 11, 2006

The next captivating episode (anyone still awake?)

It just gets worse.
4:20pm I called Hubbs to make sure he was awake so he could go to work (nightshift) and he asked "did the doctor call you?" .  He said the doctor called around 12 today and said he would call me on the mobile.  I had a missed call at 12:17 so that correlates. (no number left and no message left)
I rang the clinic back and she denied all knowledge of it.   Said that she would be extremely surprised if the doctor had called as he has been flat out all day (obviously she doesn't think we are important enough).  She said it must have been from the clinic where we got the tests done.  I told her we got the tests done with her clinic! (Why would I get tests done at one clinic and ring another one to get the results?????)
She said the doc is unavailable until after 4pm tomorrow as he is in surgery until then (long surgery huh).  She will speak to him tomorrow and call me if there are any results.
So I will call them just after 4pm tomorrow and see if i can get sense out of anyone there.

Somehow I don't think I am going to get sense out of anyone there - ever.


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