Monday, October 09, 2006

mish mash

4 days later and AF has hit the road. I am very glad as it was not very nice at all. Good riddance I say.

I had a pretty quiet weekend - apart from multiple visits from my sister and her fiance (3 times on Saturday - only once I think on Sunday), I did a little bit of knitting and a lot of crying on the couch (bloody hormones).

I must have been a bit down at work today because one girl asked me if I was okay - then bought me a wagon wheel and told me I had to eat it - (um yeah getting fatter is going to make me feel great) and another one sent me an ecard just to cheer me up.

Part of my depressive state was that I had to remove my wedding ring as for some reason the skin underneath broke open and my finger swelled up. I was really sad to remove my ring and I could just hear Hubbs saying in my ear "it doesn't mean our love is any less strong". Still I promised never to remove it, and I tried to keep it on but my finger started weeping and I was worried about infection, so I had to remove it. Hopefully tomorrow it will be well enough to put it back on.

A friend of mine "D" is having a tough time at the moment - sending you lots of love darls.

Katt is still trying to come to terms with her loss. thinking of you hun.

The healthy person that I am - I also have what appears to be a gout attack. i have had it before but usually it only affects my big toe. this weekend it wasn't my toe but my heel that is so sore that it hurts to put my foot down. Despite that I have been walking on it at work today, and I think it is getting a little better. A drastic modification to my diet is required!

Oh and I also have embarrasingly erect nipples and the hiccups - I don't know which is worse.

Hubbs and I are coming up for our 5th wedding anniversary - any ideas what we can do? We have limited time and limited money. I would like a night away and Hubbs would like to do something like go to the pictures, dinner etc. If we did anything it would be only one night.

Should we go country or city? Hubbs said that since the city is so close, he would prefer to come back home instead of staying in the city - but I would really like the night away.

Help - we need suggestions.


At 12:11 am, Blogger metal and knit said...

Gout is a regluar visitor in our house the list of no no foods is getting longer but heres the basic no MSG no SOY no Citrus and most of all watch out anything with vinegar.
MSG is in so many prepacked soup mixes ect and sausages so food here is different for the gout friendly list

At 6:01 am, Blogger Summer said...

It certainly does sound like you need time away!

I don't have any suggestions for you, though. Maybe you can tell Hubbs how important it is for you to have one night away but let him choose city or country?

At 6:32 am, Blogger Summer said...

P.S. I tagged you!

At 7:52 am, Anonymous Lucy said...

Boy, I have a similar ring problem. I'm swelling so much my wedding ring won't fit on my finger ... so I'm wearing it on a chain around my neck. It makes me sad, though, not to have it right where it belongs. My husband doesn't mind ("as long as you're wearing it somewhere, ha ha" he said) but I sure do. I know how you feel.

At 9:32 am, Blogger Sandy said...

Ohh Bugs...can relate about the wedding ring. I haven't had mine off since it was placed on my finger on our wedding day. But like you, I get little rashes under it from soap. I think a night away for your anniversary sounds great - go to an inn somewhere and treat yourself. Happy anniversary!

At 3:58 pm, Blogger Cathy said...

How about taking a drive down to the 12 Apostles.

There's a lovely little farmstay about 3 km from them that is cosy and has good food.

It is less than a days drive from Melbourne and meets the criteria of you only being away for 1 night.

The motel is called the Twelve Apostles Motel & Country Retreat.

Gout is a regular visitor around here as well because DH gets it quite a bit.

Hopefully you will be able to get your wedding ring on again soon.


At 5:20 pm, Blogger Katt said...

How about SEX for a anniversary pressies ;)

LOTS and LOTS of SEX!!! And make it do it ;) lol

I am getting there hun! Thanks for thinking of me!

Moives and sex is my suggestion! lol


At 5:44 pm, Anonymous Sassy said...

I'm looking at buying this -
for my parents for their 25th anniversary next month.

Red Balloon Days has heaps of good day trips and afternoon adventure packages at good prices.

I've personally bought tank rides, painball days, lolly tasting, foster-a-vine (good wedding present) and light aircraft training.

At 11:34 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For gout, try Cherry Juice, lots and lots of good things in cherry juice. Also Happy Anniversary!Chrissy


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