Thursday, October 05, 2006

Knock Knock

"Remember me? I haven't been to visit you for nearly 10 weeks"

Oh yes - my missing period. Yes I wondered where you had gone to.

"I'm here for a visit. Oh and I brought with me a bag full of headaches bordering on migraines and a whole boatload of crippling stomach and back pain - enjoy"

yeah thanks. I had noticed you had baggage with you. Hope you don't plan on staying long.

** Goodbye my little Jayden boy. Mummy misses you every day. Your mum may not be good at maths, and your dad is a crap speller, but you stuffed up cell division. I wish you could have gotten that right. Getting my period again after losing you seems like the final door being shut on my time with you. I won't forget you though my little darling. I carry you with me in my heart. Missing you with every fibre of my being. Your mum **


At 9:28 am, Blogger Heather W. said...

I am sorry hun. I know your pain. That final closure is hard, and something you really don't expect to feel, until it happens. Chin up.

At 10:43 am, Blogger K|nneret said...

*hugs*. You are in my thoughts. I hope you find healing and peace.

At 11:55 am, Blogger Katt said...

Oh hun. Huge hugs to you. Must be a day for things being final.



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